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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:


FH Ethiopia is a non-governmental organization engaged in relief and development activities. At FH, we operate under a set of guiding principles we call the “The Heartbeat”. This includes our Values, Vision and Purpose, which serve as the explanation of who we are and how we work as organization. Together we follow God’s call responding to human suffering and graduating communities from extreme poverty. FH Ethiopia would like to invite potential candidates to apply for the Senior Operations Manager position:

Job Summary

The Senior Operations Manager assists to provide leadership to develop, maintain, manage systems to ensure the smooth operations, efficiency and effectiveness of support services including Procurement, and Logistics Management through improvement to each functional unit as well as coordination and communication between support and program functions. S/he assists the Grand and Finance Director to ensure that FH Ethiopia conforms with Government of Ethiopia laws and regulations to operate in the country as an international NGO and compliance with GSC and FH Ethiopia policies and procedures. S/he works with Program Directors and Managers at HO to ensure that accurate Procurement Planning, proper Procurement Executions and appropriate utilization of resources are carried out. S/he plays a significant role in long term planning including initiatives geared towards operational excellence. 

Principal Responsibilities

 Key Result #1. Leadership

●     Provide leadership to the Operations team including procurement, logistics and property administration.

●     Lead the development/adaptation of policies such as procurement, property admin, vehicle management.

●     Promote teamwork across and within the operations team setting high standards of work delivery and integrity through feedback, coaching and mentorship.

●     Participate in new business development, Operations work plans, implementation plans, as necessary.

●     Play a significant role in long term planning, including an initiative geared toward operational excellence.

Key Result #2. Compliance Issues

●     Ensure regular reporting to ACSO for FH Ethiopia registration as iNGO, and assist Grant and Finance Director with annual external audit.

●     Ensure the implementation of FHE Procurement Handbook, DoA, Vehicle Management and Use Policy, other work tools and procedures at all levels of the organization.

●     Ensure that all important documents are logged and filed appropriately and ensure that executed documents are properly filed.

●     Ensure that couriers, correspondence and other key documents circulating between FH Ethiopia and other parties are tracked appropriately.

●     Work with finance/program/project staff to ensure that contracts and MOUs are reviewed in HO according to the DoA;

●     Ensures that all goods and service procurement contracts terms and conditions, expiry and renewals, bonds and retentions, withholdings, suppliers’ receivables, and payables are tracked and well managed.  

Key Result #3. Procurement & Contracts

●      Manage all goods and services procurements following the GSC, FH Ethiopia and donor rules and regulations and the country Delegation of Authority Matrix.

●      Ensure FH Ethiopia has a full-fledged pre-qualified supplier and products database, update periodically, and establish Preferred Vendors selection and updates periodically.

●      Conduct periodic market assessment for regularly purchased goods and services, and establish FHE standards and specifications for general goods purchases.

●      Work with Contracts/program/technical departments to manage procurement of materials including reviewing specs with relevant persons and fill bases of vendor selection based on GSC/FH Ethiopia policy for any item office may purchase;

●      Administer all service contracts with service companies and vendors including travel agency, insurance companies, printing houses, equipment/furniture maintenance companies, etc. while making sure that they are working accordingly;

●      Ensure regular review of all existing contracts with service providers and vendors for price competitiveness in the market so as to obtain the best value for cost in terms of benefits provided to FH Ethiopia;

●      Ensure the proper management and regular maintenance of all office vehicles, including rented vehicles, their gas usage and ensure that they are inspected and registered with government offices;

Key Result #4. Property Administration

●      Ensure maintaining of  inventory of furniture and process requests for new furniture purchases or re-assignments of furniture to staff;

●      Ensure that office equipment inventory is regularly updated and ensure regular maintenance of office equipment as and when needed;

●      Ensures that an annual Fixed Asset Report is prepared, then updated based on regular  inventory count and sent to ACSO;

●      Oversee management of FH Ethiopia properties, ensuring in particular that electronic equipment are maintained in a way consistent with prolonging their useful life despite frequent use;

●      Ensure appropriate use of office stuff, utilities, supplies and stationeries, supervise office stationery stock and ensure cleanliness of storerooms.

●      Ensure that FH Ethiopia’s properties are insured (either through GSC's coverage or in country), the list of property (Asset Register) is updated, and there is follow up on any insurance claims.

 Safeguarding Policy

FH strives to provide an environment free from sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment in all places where relief and development programs are implemented. FH holds a zero-tolerance policy against sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment. FH expects its employees to maintain high ethical standards, protect organizational integrity and reputation, and ensure that FH work is carried out in honest and fair methods, in alignment with the FH Heartbeat and safeguarding and associated policies. Violations to stated policies will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination of employment.

Gender Responsibility

⮚        Provide adequate time to staff to participate in gender sensitivity workshops and related events.

⮚        Through observation, interviews, and spot-checks, ensure that the staff planning process is gender sensitive.

⮚        Build a better gender balance in staffing through affirmative action.

⮚        Observe if women staff are as involved as men in high-profile activities such as interaction with visitors and chairing meetings, and take corrective action if warranted.

⮚        Encourage female staff to participate in external networks (local and regional), as well as seminars and cross visits.

⮚       Facilitate open and regular discussions with staff on about the work environment, policies, and values convenient to gender issue

Safety & Security Responsibility

⮚       Encourages compliance of Safety and Security principles and policies of the organization by all staffs;

Visiting project Offices and operational areas periodically to meet staff and making sure that all staff members are aware of the safety and security procedures;

⮚       Explains to staffs the reasoning behind the organization’s safety and security policies and procedures;

⮚       Organizing local training sessions, such as First Aid, Fire Safety, and Defensive Driving for staff members.  If possible, he/she should conduct briefing and training sessions himself/herself;

⮚       Ensures that safety and security objectives are added to performance reviews and evaluations of all staff members;

⮚       Encourages staff to adopt safe and secure practices. Ensuring that updated personnel information related to safety (Record of Emergency Data) and security management are kept in Human Resources;

Job Requirements:

Job Level Specification

⮚   Full agreement with FH’s Christian foundation and beliefs as expressed in The Heartbeat: our Values, Vision, and Purpose.

⮚  Computer literacy and ability to use all Office programs

⮚  Excellent management, supervision/mentoring and organizational skills

⮚  Ability to travel within Ethiopia occasionally.


  • At least eight years in positions of increasing responsibility with Procurement, Logistics Management, Administration and Office Management and having supervisory roles and proven track record of inspiring performance from subordinates. 
  • Experience with INGO is a must, preferably with those working on emergency response and US government-funded NGOs or Projects; 


  • Minimum Bachelors degree, preferably MBA, post graduate qualification in Supply Chain Management, Management/Logistics, or related field with commensurate experience; an IT qualification is advantageous
Job Category:
Business and AdministrationManagementPurchasing and Procurement
Business and Administration, Management, Purchasing and Procurement
Full time
Full time
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
FH Ethiopia FH Ethiopia

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