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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

Arkena Coffee Market is a tech startup that is engaged heavily in the coffee sector.  Our current focus lies with supporting ‘exporting’ small holder coffee producers with the aim to develop Ethiopia’s largest and most reliable marketplace for sustainable, traceable, and transparent smallholder coffee.

We are designing a marketplace to promote smallholder coffee and have a service delivery model to streamline the export process, reduce inefficiencies, and prevent mishaps.  Through this we hope to create an environment where small holders consistently receive higher returns for their coffee.

We believe that with better margins for small holders and their agri-businesses, they can become stronger community leaders, invest back into local businesses and their communities, and become a driving force for sustainable and lasting development.

We are looking for an ambitious, driven and passionate candidate who vibes with our values:

SOLIDARITY: We work together towards shared goals and a common purpose;

INTEGRITY: Always conduct yourself and your work in a fair and honest manner;

PROGRESSIVE: We embrace change and challenges; we innovate and create opportunities for growth;

STRIVE: Work hard, work smart, get out of your comfort zone and push your limits;

HEART: We care for each other, our clients, and our community - together we are strong.

Position Type: Permanent

Starting Date: ASAP

Location: The position will be based in Addis Ababa

Renumeration: Current salary budgeted for this position is 35,000 to 40,000 ETB/month  gross but this is also negotiable depending upon experience.   

Probationary Period: There will be a three-month probationary period during which the company reserves the right to release the employee for any reason.  The pay during this three-month period will be a non-negotiable 30,000ETB/month gross.


Important: This position will require trips to government offices throughout Addis Ababa to process export documents.  These trips will be frequent when shipments are scheduled.  Additionally, this person will be the primary liaison for the Arkena Coffee Market for all logistics and shipping needs with clients, service providers, farmers and government offices.

  • Prepare export documentation for farmer coffees.
  • Get export documentation approved at necessary government offices.
  • Liaise with government offices, as needed, to disseminate information and get clearances for Arkena work.
  • Liaise with local and international transiters to organize and schedule shipments in a timely manner to avoid shipment delays.
  • Liaise with export service providers to inform them of shipment updates, submit processing requests, bag markings and more to ensure smooth and timely export operations.
  • Liaise with service providers and Arkena management to arrange and oversee payments for their services in a timely manner.
  • Conduct meetings with partner coffee farmers to disseminate information regarding Arkena Coffee Market and the coffee export process and costs.
  • Assist and inform farmers with obtaining necessary export licenses, permits, and access for the export of their coffee.
  • Liaise with partner coffee farmers to arrange payments for service rendered.
  • Assess Arkena Tech stack providing updates for improving system functionalities as it relates to logistics and the scaling of export operations.
  • Assist with all logistics and shipment matters for the Arkena Coffee Market.
  • Will assist with other work and help other staff as required.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in or related to Logistics, Communications, Business Administration or Business is desirable but not required (we encourage interested candidates that lack educational qualifications to apply if they have sufficient work experience);
  • At least two (2) years of logistics related work experience (we encourage interested candidates that lack sufficient work experience to apply if they have the required educational experience).
  • Must be excellent in English and display the ability to effectively manage customer relationships.
  • Ability to develop effective working relationships.
  • Good command of Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Outlook, Word, Power Point, etc.).
  • Must be detail orientated, self-guided, with excellent organizational and planning skills.
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure.
  • Must display excellent interpersonal skills.

LOGISTICS COORDINATOR: Scenario and Problem Solving Questions (30 - 45 mins.)

Please provide written answers to each of the below questions and submit with your resume, cover letter and degree.  Each response should be no more than 500 words.

Scenario 1.) You are responsible for coordinating the shipment of a consolidated container of coffee from multiple suppliers (i.e. farmers) to several buyers.  One of the shipments is delayed due to quality issues. How would you handle this situation to ensure minimal disruption to the order and its timely delivery?

Scenario 2.) The company is expanding its market reach to include several new international destinations. What factors would you consider when developing a shipping strategy for these new markets?

Scenario 3.) A major client has expressed dissatisfaction with the recent performance of the company’s logistics services, citing delays and lack of communication. How would you address the client's concerns, and what actions would you take to improve service quality and client satisfaction?

Job Category:
Business DevelopmentLogistics, Transport and Supply ChainCommunications, PR and Journalism
Business Development, Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain, Communications, PR and Journalism
Full time
Full time
Addis Ababa
Arkena Coffee Market Arkena Coffee Market

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