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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

Ovid Real Estate Company is currently seeking qualified and enthusiastic individuals to join our dynamic team. We believe in fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment, and we invite you to explore the following exciting career opportunities:

Job Specifications: 

Engagement Metrics Analysis:

  • Monitor and analyze engagement metrics across various channels, including social media, websites, and email.
  • Utilize analytics tools to assess audience behavior and interaction patterns.

Customer Feedback Analysis:

  • Analyze customer feedback and sentiments to understand engagement satisfaction levels.
  • Identify areas for improvement based on feedback.

Audience Segmentation:

  • Segregate audience groups based on engagement behavior and preferences.
  • Develop targeted engagement strategies for each segment.

Social Media Monitoring:

  • Monitor social media channels for brand mentions, comments, and interactions.
  • Analyze social media trends and sentiment.

Website Traffic Analysis:

  • Analyze website traffic patterns, click-through rates, and bounce rates.
  • Implement strategies to optimize website engagement.

Email Campaign Analysis:

  • Evaluate the performance of email campaigns, including open rates and click-through rates.
  • Recommend improvements to enhance email engagement.

CRM Utilization:

  • Utilize CRM data to monitor customer interactions and engagement history.
  • Ensure accurate and updated customer records.

Competitor Engagement Analysis:

  • Monitor and analyze engagement metrics of competitors.
  • Benchmark organization’s engagement against industry standards.

Engagement Strategy Development:

  • Develop and implement engagement strategies to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Collaborate with marketing teams to align strategies with overall campaigns.

Real-time Monitoring:

  • Implement real-time monitoring of engagement metrics when applicable.
  • Address emerging issues promptly.

Data Visualization:

  • Create visually appealing and informative reports and dashboards.
  • Present data in a format that is easily understandable for stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement in engagement monitoring processes.
  • Implement best practices to enhance effectiveness.

Training and Awareness:

  • Provide training to teams on the importance of engagement monitoring.
  • Foster awareness of key engagement metrics and their impact.


  • Prepare regular reports on engagement metrics and trends.
  • Communicate findings and recommendations to relevant stakeholders.

Collaboration with Departments:

  • Collaborate with marketing, customer service, and product development teams to align engagement strategies.
  • Share insights to support the development of customer-centric initiatives.

Ad Hoc Responsibilities:

  • Undertake additional responsibilities and tasks as assigned by executive leadership.
  • Support other engagement-related initiatives and projects as needed.

Required no: 1

Job Requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Business, or a related field.
  • Relevant certifications in analytics or engagement monitoring are advantageous.


  • Proven experience in monitoring and analyzing engagement metrics across various channels.
  • Demonstrated success in interpreting data to drive improvements in engagement.

Analytical Skills:

  • Strong analytical and data interpretation skills.
  • Ability to analyze engagement metrics and derive meaningful insights.

Technology Proficiency:

  • Proficient in using analytics tools, social media platforms, and other engagement monitoring software.
  • Familiarity with customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Communication Skills:

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to present findings and recommendations to diverse stakeholders.

Strategic Thinking:

  • Strategic mindset with the ability to align engagement monitoring with overall business goals.
  • Develop strategies to enhance customer and audience engagement.


  • Strong problem-solving skills to address challenges related to engagement.
  • Proactive approach to identifying and resolving issues.


  • Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing, customer service, and product development.
  • Foster a collaborative and results-driven culture.
Job Category:
Business and AdministrationSales and MarketingCommunications, PR and Journalism
Business and Administration, Sales and Marketing, Communications, PR and Journalism
Full time
Full time
Addis Ababa
OVID Real Estate OVID Real Estate

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