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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

SOS Sahel Ethiopia is a registered development and humanitarian agency operating in Ethiopia since 1991. The organization is dedicated to improve living standard of smallholder farmers and herders through better management of their environment and improved access to agricultural and natural products market.  SOS Sahel-Ethiopia, in partnership with Farm Africa is implementing Royal Norwegian Embassy funded “Forest for Sustainable Development Project” in Bale Eco-Region. The organization is, therefore, accepting applications from interested, qualified & experienced individuals for the position mentioned here under.

Duties and Responsibilities

Finance and Petty Cash Management

  •  Prepare monthly accounts of the Project Office showing expenses made in the month;
  • Submit the monthly accounts to the Coordinator for approval; and timely send the approved document/report to Head Office Finance Section;
  • Prepare monthly budget tracking and reports for the Field Coordinator by combining project office and Addis expenditure costs;
  • Assists the Coordinator in preparation of monthly expenditure forecast and submit transfer requests to Head  Office one week before the end of each month;
  • Assist/Advice the Coordinator about check expenditure relating to personnel and procurements and maintenance of equipment, supplies and project vehicles;
  • Ensure all expenditure to have proper accountable document (vouchers) countersigned by the Coordinator;
  • Facilitate preparation of quarterly budget forecasts as per agreed with the Coordinator and submit transfer requests to Head Office one week before end of each month and follow up, monitor that expenditure within the forecast and the overall project budget;
  • Inform the Coordinator well in advance when the account needs replenishing;
  • Follow SOS Sahel Ethiopia financial guidelines, set up a petty cash systems; petty cash box and ledger, disbursement, advance and replenishment systems;
  • Check payment requests, payment vouchers and other financial documents before approval for payment;
  • Prepare and disburse monthly staff payroll, calculate gross pay, tax and other deductions and net pay, and ensure that staff signs the payroll on receipt of salaries and ensure staff income tax is paid in time;
  • Ensure that Provident Fund account is opened for each staff at appropriate bank, the montly contributions are deposited on time, and the individual pass book is maintained or kept  under the control and management of the project;
  • Make sure the deduction of withholding tax from purchases of goods and services as per the tax proclamation and settle same to the tax authority timely.

Administrative Tasks

  • Organize and supervise all supporting staffs employed under the project field office, assign them duties and ensure that their work is carried out properly in accordance with their job descriptions;
  • Ensure that support staff understands their description of their jobs, monitor and evaluate their work performance regularly using the staff evaluation forms;
  • Ensure that personnel file is opened for individual staff of the project and the necessary document that consist of employment contracts, job descriptions, staff evaluations, and annual leave forms are updated and kept safely;
  • Ensure that all field based employees signed yearly employment contract and get their annual leave scheduled and received on time;
  • Facilitate and ensure that field based employees of the project circulate clearance form, get it signed and approved during resignation or the project termination;
  • Ensure that drivers maintain their driving license up to date & get proper orientation on the organization vehicle policy, and implement it;
  • Follow up the proper usage and regular maintenance of the project vehicle/s and motorbikes; and also maintain proper filling of log sheets to countercheck the use of fuel and lubrication;
  • Recruit, organize and supervise casual labourer at the project office nd get it authorized by the Coordinator;
  • Ensure systems and procedures are in place and in compliant with all relevant laws (the organization personnel policy & labour law);
  • Liaison with owner/s of the field office premises (if applicable) regarding rental contract, rent payment and any renovation;
  • Under the guidance of the Coordinator, and in consultation with/ the advice of the senior technical project staff & Head Office Human Resource and Organizational Development Department facilitate procurement of field and office equipment / supplies and spare parts;
  • Respect and promote SOS Sahel Ethiopia’s core values, principles, policies and procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Job Requirements:

Required Qualifications & Skills:

  • BA in accounting & other relevant fields with 5 years of practical experience, preferably in NGOs; excellent communication skills, IT skills, financial software skill/s (QuickBooks)  
Job Category:
Accounting and FinanceBusiness and Administration
Accounting and Finance, Business and Administration
Ginnir Town (East Bale Zone – Oromia Region)
SOS Sahel Ethiopia SOS Sahel Ethiopia

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