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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

About us

Info Mind Solutions Plc. (IMS) the parent company of Ethiojobs.net and Dereja.com is the leading digital human resource solution provider in Ethiopia. We specialize in e-recruitment platforms, Ethiojobs.net and Dereja.com, as well as recruitment, executive search, assessment center, payroll management, training and consultancy. Over the last 23 years, we’ve served more than 3000 international and national organizations in ensuring their Human Capital needs are met.

Currently, Dereja is undertaking projects in tackling the issue of youth unemployment with various partners. Dereja is a pioneer in establishing Career Center services in Higher Education Institutions, organizing regional and national job fairs, designing and delivering employability skills training for fresh graduates as well as working on various additional interventions towards building the youth’s employability skills. Thus, IMS is looking for a Regional Manager who will be responsible to lead the implementation of projects in Dereja. 

Job Summary

The Regional Manager is the lead for the University and Candidate Relation Team and develop plan for the department. The position holder will be responsible for building and maintain relationship with the University and promote the different Dereja service line. He/ She will oversee the implementation of career centers in different regions and ensure that planned activities are being implemented. In addition, the position holder will oversee the monitoring and evaluation of the project activities and support the training team in developing training materials and manuals for the career center in the university.

Project Management 

  • Leading the development of quarterly plan for each Dereja service line namely, Dereja Academy, Job fair clinics and Job Fairs and Dereja.com and career center services or other related projects.
  • Oversee the overall logistics and budget for the Regional travel and provide approval for the travel with the Project Director.
  • Identify risk and implication of the projects on the Monthly and annual plan and ensure that necessary action has been taken to mitigate any implications on the various projects and sub-projects.
  • Oversee with the communication team in developing campaign and communication plan to promote Dereja Academy Service for University Administration and graduate students.
  • Monitor the progress of the Career Center Development with the Sr. University and Candidates Relation Officer and ensure that planned activities for the University are being implemented.
  • Build relationship with the University Officials and Key stakeholders and ensure that University have clear understanding of Dereja Projects.
  • Develop standard and communication plan for the University and Candidates Team and develop various reporting format for Monthly and Annual report to be submitted to the donor.
  • Lead the developing monitoring and Evaluation tools or methods, to evaluate progress and impact.
  • Provide report monthly, quarterly and yearly to the Program Director.
  • Recruit and select Regional coordinator with the Sr. University and Candidates relation officer.


  • Lead the development of method of assessing the performance of the project regarding all the activities mentioned in the project.
  • Ensure that project activities are implemented and outputs achieved as planned and within the developed schedule.
  • Proactively identify and monitor any risks to delivery and develop action plans to address issues identified.
  • Develop standard and internal process for the team and ensure the project activities are implemented based on the standards.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Oversee the implementation of a project monitoring and evaluation process for regional project activities that meet the basic internal monitoring and outcome reporting requirements.
  • Develop methods and various reporting format for collecting data and information from the Regional Coordinators.
  • Develop and plan the survey for beneficiary and set plan for collecting other data through relevant sources, developing case studies.
  • Oversee baseline, mid-term and final evaluation ensuring that learning and recommendations from those evaluations are explicitly incorporated into the project’s future implementation activity.

 Team Leadership

  • Regional Manager will be responsible to lead a team consisting of Sr. University and Candidates relation officer, University and Candidates relations Officer, Regional Coordinator and training facilitator.
  • Provide guidance and leadership for the team and Regional Coordinator regarding the project and coach the Sr. University and Candidate relations.
  • Ensure that any poor performance with in the team has been dealt with the team and actively recognize and encourage strong performance
  • Actively seek feedback on own performance and effectiveness from both Program Director and  IMS leadership
  • Ensure that the team has the right skills and experience in managing the project and provide input to the Training Manager and
  • Work in collaboration, coordination, and synchronization with other Senior University and Candidates R/n Coordinator  and Dereja team


  • Oversee training provided by Dereja with the training team  in designing and  delivering training for university coordinators and training facilitators in organizing various training activities for fresh graduates
  • Overseeing and support on training delivery activities carried out by university coordinators and training facilitators.
Job Requirements:


  • Experience in developing, planning and implementing project for youth related projects
  • Experience in managing projects in Regions.
  • Experience in managing large team working in various areas.
  • Experience in taking a leadership role for project design and providing leadership in implementing projects.
  • Sound knowledge of government operations and understanding of career center strategy of the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 
  • Excellent interpersonal and team leadership skills--demonstrated ability to interact professionally with culturally and linguistically diverse staff and students
  • Ability to lead multiple projects and trainings with in short period of time.
  • Available to travel frequent times out of Addis Abeba on project trips.
  • Excellent English is written and oral communication, as well as basic computer skills.
  • Excellent presentation skills.

Education and Experience:

  • Master’s degree /B. An in leadership, Management, Engineering, and Social Science Fields.
  • At least 5 years of direct experience in leadership position providing program management and technical assistance
  • Experience work with various stakeholders including Higher Education institutes and Stakeholder related to University. 
Job Category:
EngineeringManagementSocial Sciences and Community
Engineering, Management, Social Sciences and Community
Full time
Full time
Addis Ababa
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