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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:
sequa gGmbH is a globally operating non-profit development organisation. Since 1991 sequa has carried out programmes and projects of international cooperation in close collaboration with the German private sector. sequa offers know-how and long-term experience in capacity development for chambers and associations (BMOs), vocational education and training, private sector development and trade promotion. The organisation is based in Bonn, Germany. sequa employs more than 100 persons (2022) and reported a turnover of EUR 58 m in 2021.
We are offering a project-based assignment as BMO Cooperation Areas Identification, Linkage and Facilitation Expert   
The Project
GIZ has been commissioned with the implementation of the project “Private Sector Development in Ethiopia” (PSD-E). PSD-E aims to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and small growth-oriented companies from improved growth opportunities. This shall be achieved by strengthening the performance and private sector orientation of public institutions and other intermediaries, through capacity building (change management), staff capacity building and public-private dialogues. 
sequa aims at supporting Ethiopian Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) in defining their roles and functions to improve services offered to companies, establish financial sustainability, and enhance public-private dialogue and interest representation. This will help to create an improved-functioning BMO ecosystem in Ethiopia which can lay the foundation for economic growth and job creation. The intervention will seek to strengthen chambers and associations in Ethiopia in the exercise of their core functions. 
The BMO Academy as a Project intervention package aims to strengthen manifold BMOs capacities. An initial screening and need analysis were carried out, preliminary capacity building demand was identified and comprehensive training sessions on several topics were already provided in May 2022. 
Further comprehensive BMOs capacity building aims to continue strengthening organizations capacities particularly in identification of BMOs new sustainable services to members (other BMOs or individual companies) under trickle-down concept, bring manifold experience and methods to foster collaboration between BMOs and business community, maintain monitoring and evaluation and contribute to BMOs performance improvement, enhance international networking, launch digital mindset in BMOs operations, evolute and adjust BMO’s business model and provide other value-added knowledge and information. Overall, the task is “How to run and grow BMO business” for BMOs operating on a primarily voluntary membership model.    

Your Tasks / Responsibilities

  • For the selected BMOs cooperation areas identification, facilitation, and linkage at local and international level, a short-term (ST) expert will be hired to bring a significant value-added and design databases of BMOs partners for cooperation domestically and internationally. Specific topics will be assessed to identify Ethiopian BMOs demand on determined needs regarding market linkages, partner search, experience sharing, joint project implementation and cooperation facilitation between a selected Ethiopian BMO and identified other partners in Ethiopia and foreign countries. The expert will be provided a sizable collection of materials and findings on the state of BMOs in Ethiopia ahead of his/her engagement as a background overview of the BMOs ecosystem.
  • The expert will then assess the existing and selected BMOs and gather in-depth data in relation to the partnership needs of selected Ethiopian BMOs (by country, BMO, company, and cooperation category, etc.). The following items shall be reflected in collecting data and analysis the intervention implemented on: 
  • Investigation of selected Ethiopian BMOs (up to 15) and mapping on desired cooperation areas, facilitation, and linkages (e.g., market linkages, partner search, experience sharing, joint project implementation and cooperation, marketplaces, B2B business, trade fairs or similar) and geographic foreign countries, 
  • Conduct an assessment on the possible cooperation areas and market linkage opportunities of the BMOs with local and/or international counterparts.
  • Create a tailor-made database for each of the pre-selected Ethiopian BMOs containing the extracted information from that particular BMO and satisfying its needs, in the context of linkages for market, sensible cooperation, service and experience exchange.
  • Takes into consideration of the diverse industries and sectors that may have the potential to collaborate for selected BMO’s particular business sectors, service priorities and cooperation needs.
  • Advice on the appropriate course of action for the BMOs, such as the dissemination of business proposals and partnership development, trade fairs/shows, experience sharing, research-based advocacy and PPD, and other forms of bilateral cooperation.

Location:   Addis Ababa / Ethiopia, on-line communication, no travel outside Addis Ababa is envisaged  

Assignment Period: up to max. 20 days, implemented within April-May 2023

Project:  Strengthening of Chambers and Associations in Ethiopia, BMO Project

Job Requirements:
Your Qualification / Skills
  • University degree in one of the fields of Business administration, Economics, Developmental studies, Marketing or social sciences, Research Development, or in the absence of such a degree at least 10 years of working experience in development cooperation, business management, and public administration, 
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English; Amharic is an advantage, 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, 
  • Good presentation skills,
  • Good working knowledge investigative research and data analysis, 
  • Comprehensive report writing and delivery skills.
Your Working Experience
  • Substantial awareness of conducting research in the similar platform of conducting data base cooperation, 
  • Comprehensive analytical experience to analyse various documented materials,  
  • Substantial experience in gap analysis, need identification and new opportunities offering,
  • Comprehensive understanding of the overall task and reflect on the outcome result of the task of assessment,  
  • Previous experience on engagement survey analysis, 
  • Working language: English (for both the bid documents and proposals and reports of the deliverables).
  • Provide an annotated outline (inception report) of the desired service engagement and workplan,
  • Design a survey template to identify desired areas and countries for cooperation of selected Ethiopian BMOs (up to 15) aiming to establish or foster cooperation with other BMOs in Ethiopia and abroad,
  • Conduct a needs-based survey and produce assessment report among selected Ethiopian BMOs (up to 15),
  • Compile complete databases in Excel format for each of selected Ethiopian BMOs (15 contact databases at least with potential partners for cooperation in Ethiopia and abroad) with all the necessary information for future interventions. Each database shall contain not less than 25 suggested or identified partnership related BMO partners or items (other BMOs in Ethiopia or abroad for business proposal dissemination, experience sharing, and research-based advocacy/PPD should be categorized clearly based on the BMOs potential for cooperation and partnership service including the desired trade fairs up on alliance, marketplaces, and/or related other events).
Proposal Requirements 
  • A detailed expert’s CV in English,
  • Technical proposal with a concise methodology to perform the related task, 
  • Financial proposal in Ethiopian Birr for a maximum of 20 working days level of effort to perform the task, the offer must include all relevant taxes paid by an applicant and indicate the total offer amount, 
  • List of references and previously implemented projects,
  • Incomplete proposals (without CV, Technical and Financial Proposals, clarity absenteeism on taxes) won’t be considered.
Job Category:
Business and AdministrationEconomicsSocial Sciences and Community
Business and Administration, Economics, Social Sciences and Community
GIZ Sequa gGmbH GIZ Sequa gGmbH

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