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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

Job Description


The incumbent will be responsible for extending technical support to establish a Save and Secured journey management at FGAE. The incumbent will also help to enhance the defense driving culture and safety standard protocols of the Association with regard to driving and properly handling of vehicles, product handling procedures and transportation management including transporting people, supply and equipment on more efficient and effective way to reach our service delivery provision and points. 


· Responsible for the proper functioning of the Vehicle  assigned to him/her by checking before starting engine and with proper handover procedure such as pre-maintenance inventory, Insurance coverage, spare tires and other accessories properly, safety Packs etc. ;

·Ensures the safety and proper usage of the assigned vehicles, tools and other accessories and implement safety & security protocols, Defense driving strategies and risk mitigation strategies;

· Checks damaged or burst tires as and when required ,Maintains and handles assigned vehicles, spare tires and other accessories properly and with care at all times;

· Checks fuel ,oil, water, brake and clutch fluids on a daily basis; tyre pressures, battery water, and overall vehicle condition  on monthly basis or after every 5,000.00 km, whichever comes earlier; tests the vehicle lights, brakes, bodywork for dents, etc and log in in log book;

· Drives office vehicles safely and chauffeur staff, official visitors and guests to official destinations based on approved authorized rout -Transport requisition Form;

· Detects any defect of the Vehicle and reports to his immediate supervisor for timely repair and maintenance;

· Distributes/collects letters, packages, parcels and messages on behalf of the Association;

·  Fills in fuel and oil consumed and kilometer readings before and after any travel on appropriate transport forms( vehicle log book) and submits same to his immediate supervisor on regular bases;

· Fill in fuel and oil consumed and kilometer reading on field service report form and submits a Field report to his immediate supervisor;

· Immediately reports any involvement of the vehicle in any, even minor accidents, or any damage or theft of equipment from the vehicles;

· Ensuring that the proper procedure for insurance claims at the time and place of any accident are fulfilled;

· Ensure availability and appropriate utilization and handing of Vehicles for effective implementation of all programs/projects;

· Performs such other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by his immediate supervisor;

Job Requirements:

 Job Requirements

2 years for TVET(10+2) , 3 years for 12/10 grade,  after completion, shall possess  an extensive experiences in ambulance driver or similar position               

Job Category:
Full time
Full time
Mekelle, Tigray
Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia - FGAE Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia - FGAE

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