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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation (ECDSWCo.) is transforming and diversifying from the current consultancy business operations. Taking advantage of the existing ECDSWCo.’s strength and maximizing on the newly emerging external opportunities that are being prevalent with the shifts in Ethiopian Economic Policy – the Corporation is aiming to play a significant role to the success of the Ethiopian Construction Industry -by creating a vibrant business institution that will not only fill the gap that is in the current construction industry, but also replace the need for having international construction companies that are dominating the government mega scale projects.

To this, the Corporation is emerging as an Engineering and Investment Group. The proposed name of the Group is ‘’Ethiopian Engineering and Investment Group (EEIG)’’. The Group will comprise of three main operational business units i.e., Consultancy, Construction and Investment.

EEIG-Construction business unit key activities are high-end complex construction projects, predominately high-rise commercial and residential buildings, real-estate; infrastructure (roads, railways and airports) & water and energy sector construction. EEIG-Construction alone would grow into a conglomerate of several business units including Piling, underground and foundation Works, Fit-Out, Energy (Solar Solutions), Electro- Mechanical Solution, Facility Management, Landscape and Construction Materials Production.

EEIG Construction is launched with the vision of being the best construction company in Ethiopia with a strategy of Timeously executing high-end complex projects, by utilizing proactive management skills as a Design and Build Contractor in order to achieve an optimum return and aspiring to be a competitive and preferred choice that can replace the current dependence on international contractors and deliver excellence. EEIG Construction will uphold Courage, Integrity, Reliability, Value for its People and Innovation as its core values.

Scope of the role

Role holder will be responsible to plan and coordinate the end to end EEIG Constructions site related HR activities.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The role holder interacts with many different people within the project site, including site crew members, supervisors and accounting/finance representative.
  • Role holder reports directly to head office HR Admin and Advisor with a dotted line to the site project manager.
  • The role holder collects and enters numerous sets of data, including new joiners end to end information regularly and submits for head office HR
  • The role holder plays a key role in the implementation of new employee induction/orientation programs. When the company hires new site staff / laborers, for instance, the site HR Administrator will organize a session to induct new joiners about the company, its vision and values, roles and responsibilities, on the project’s regulations and working conditions etc.
  • Responsible for informing employees about different policies and procedures
  • Maintaining employee records and facilitate new hiring processes and make sure every formality and document is present on time in full without error.
  • Managing on site grievances
  • At a minimum this person provides information on timekeeping on the minimum number of labor hours per day, reporting and breaking times and provisions for overtime, if any. In general, the role holder is also responsible for but not limited to;
    • Maintaining time and / attendance sheets
    • Verifying accurate hours worked including overtime hours and ensuring to submit time sheets for Finance department for payroll purpose
    • Reporting absent employees
    • Keeping track of all types of leaves
    • Calculate wages and deductions
    • Monitor reports for discrepancies
  • Manage site employees related cost management, Per Diem management etc

  • Another part of the job is to maintain meeting schedules of a construction project as deemed necessary. 
Job Requirements:
  • Degree / Diploma in Management/economics/HR or related field of study

Work Experience

  • 4 years for Diploma and 2 years for Degree 
  • Applicants Should have similar role experience in a construction company .

Critical skills required

  • Willingness to work extra hours and go the extra mile to get the job done
  • Ability to work/operate with others smoothly
  • Ability to work in challenging environment and willingness to relocate anywhere in Ethiopia (project sites)
  • Great Communication and people management skills
  • Computer skills is a must 
Job Category:
Human Resource and Recruitment
Human Resource and Recruitment
Full time
Full time
Anywhere in Ethiopia
Ethiopian Construction Design & Supervision Works Corporation Ethiopian Construction Design & Supervision Works Corporation

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