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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

  Construction Expert Consultant - Terms of Reference (ToR)


1.      Background Information

This ToR is to hire an Individual Consultant to prepare the BoQs and supervise the civil works for the rehabilitation and improvement of VIS training centers in Jewi and Nguenyyiel refugees’ camps, envisioned under the AICS (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation) funded project: “Refugees Empowerment through Care, Education and Income Vital Economy: initiative to support the refugee population and host communities in Gambella through the promotion of integrated health services, the provision of basic educational services and the initiation of income-generating activities”.

The aim of the project is to contribute to improving self-reliance and socio-economic integration of refugee populations and host communities in Gambella through integrated and multi-sectoral strategies aimed at fostering the humanitarian-development nexus.

Specifically, the project aimed to strengthen the resilience of refugee populations in Nguyielle, Jewi, Tierkidi and Kulle camps and Karmi and Gambella host communities by promoting access to basic services such as health and education and livelihood strategies.

2.      Main Objective of the Consultancy

The main objective of the consultancy is to prepare BoQs and ensure proper quality for the physical implementation of the civil works for construction/rehabilitation of targeted infrastructures as per this ToR.

3.      Description of the Civil Works

The consultant will prepare BoQs and supervise the execution of the following works:

·         Construction of an elevated structure for a 10,000 liters water tank at VIS training center in Jewi camp

·         Water tank installation and preparation and connection to a water distribution point at VIS training center in Jewi camp

·         Rehabilitation of the storeroom and entrance door of VIS training center in Nguenyyiel camp

·         Water and Electricity connection of VIS training center in Nguenyyiel camp

·         Fencing (254 meters) of VIS training center in Nguenyyiel camp

·         Construction of a footplate and access point for People with Disabilities in VIS training centers at Jewi and Nguenyyiel camps

·         Construction of a livestock feeder in Karmi training center.  


4.      Specific Tasks and Services Expected from the Consultant

The Consultant shall perform the principal services outlined below as the responsible person for the preparation and supervision of the works:

-          Conduct a filed inspections of the three target sites (VIS training center in Jewi camp, VIS training center in Nguenyyiel camp, and Karmi training center).

-          Develop BoQs and Tender Documents (as per VIS procedures) for the competitive selection of a qualified construction company.

-          Provide technical support in the bid analysis and technical evaluation of the received bids for the construction works, if required by VIS.

-          Review and comment or approve the Contractor's quoted BoQs and workplan.

-          Draft a work contract for the selected Contractor to undertake the target works for VIS review and approval.  

-          Prepare a quality assurance plan, in consultation with the Contractor, including arrangements to check the quality of materials brought to the site, to ensure that the quality of construction is consistent with the technical specifications;

-          Visit the site on a regular basis to observe the progress and quality of the Contractor’s work;

-          Provide timely assistance and direction to the Contractor in all matters related to the interpretation or clarification of the BoQs, works contract compliance, and progress of the works;

-          Ensure prompt responses when the Contractor calls for inspections and approvals;

-          Issue clear instructions to the Contractor, such that the civil works can proceed expeditiously;

-          Monitor progress against program, instructing the Contractor to revise its program as necessary in order to meet due completion dates;

-          Ensure that the works are executed in accordance with the BoQs and that the quality of materials is in compliance with the technical specifications.

-          Inspect the security and safety aspects of construction and temporary works to ensure that every reasonable measure has been taken to protect life and property;

-          Liaise with communities affected by any of the works undertaken under the Project;

-          Ensure that the Contractor complies with its contractual obligations in respect of labour standards.

-          Prepare and maintain inspection and progress reports to adequately document the performance of the works;

-          Perform all survey measurements of completed or partial works where required for the determination of quantities. Compute quantities of approved and accepted work and materials and check, certify and make recommendations to VIS on the Contractor's interim and final payment certificates. All payment certificates shall be checked and countersigned by the Consultant.  

-          Review and comment on, or recommend approval of, Contractor’s proposals for variations;

-          Propose and present for the approval of VIS any variations in the contract that may be deemed necessary for the completion of works, including information on any effect that the variations may have on the works contract amount and the time for completion of the Project, and prepare all necessary variation orders, including alterations of plans, technical specifications, and other details for the approval of VIS;

-          Inform VIS about problems or potential problems which may arise in connection with the works contract and make recommendations to VIS for possible solutions.

-          Examine and make recommendations to VIS on all claims from the Contractor for extension of time, extra work or expenses or other similar matters.

-          Prepare and submit reports on the progress of the works,

-          Perform all other tasks, not specifically mentioned above, but which are necessary and essential to ensure the successful supervision and control of all the construction activities, in accordance with the terms of the works contract.

-          Inspect the works at appropriate intervals during the Contractor’s Defects Liability Period and, prior to expiration of the Defects Liability Period, prepare a final deficiency list, supervise remedial works and recommend to VIS the date of the Final Inspection of the Works;

-          Carry out the Final Inspection of Works together with representatives of VIS and the Contractor;

-          Prepare and issue the Final Acceptance Certificate in consultation with VIS.

-          Prepare the Interim and Final Payment Certificate.


5.      Expected Deliverables

A.    Proposed BoQs and draft Tender Documents, for VIS review and approval.

B.     Draft Works Contract, for VIS review and approval.

C.     Bi-Weekly Progress Reports. Bi-Weekly Progress Reports shall be submitted during the construction period, within five days after the end of each reporting period. These reports shall cover:

·         Physical and financial progress of the Works and comparisons with as-scheduled progress, in tabular and graphical form;

·         Quality of construction;

·         Discussion of major problems and recommendations to address same;

·         Cash flow forecasts;

·         Photographic evidence of progress.


D.    Final Completion Report. Within 5 days after completion of the works, the consultant shall prepare a Final Report which will form a comprehensive record of the construction works including any changes or modification of designs, problems encountered and solutions, recommended operational procedures, expenses and variations. The Final Report shall include the following among others:

·         Financial and physical summary of the works;

·         Photographic evidence of works’ completion


E.     Payment Certificates. For any instalment to be corresponded by VIS to the selected Contractor as per the works contract, the consultant will prepare a specific Payment Certificate that will be signed by the consultant.

 6.      Proposal Submission and Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be sought from interested national level consultant for competitive bidding with submission of technical and financial proposals in 2 separate and sealed envelopes to:

VIS Field Office Gambella,

ADDRESS: Inside Don Bosco Compound

Relevant documents to demonstrate sufficient and relevant experience must be submitted together with the technical proposal.

The evaluation will be conducted in two steps - 1st step, technical evaluation and 2nd step, financial evaluation. The following criteria will be employed for the evaluation of the proposals:

A.    Technical criteria for evaluation (weightage 60%)

The technical evaluation will carry out 60% weight. For screening of applicants for detailed assessment, applicants must fulfil the following:

·         The following documents must be submitted with the technical proposal:                                                              

Ø  Updated CVs highlighting the relevant qualifications and experience

Ø  Track record of proven relevant experience

Ø  Relevant academic and professional certificates

Ø  Proposed detailed activities and work schedule.


B.     Financial criteria for evaluation (weightage 40%)

The least financial proposal bidder gets 40% and others will get lower, in pro-rata basis.

Final selection will be based on the combined score of both technical and financial evaluations, meaning the applicant with highest combined score will be selected.  There could be need for a negotiation of scope of work and budget, based on the proposal to make it in line with the basic design of the tasks, budget limitations, etc.


Job Requirements:

Consultants Qualifications

To achieve the stated objective, VIS wishes to engage a qualified and experienced construction expert consultant to execute the assignment on a contract basis. The consultant must have the following qualifications:

-          at least a bachelor degree in civil engineering or construction management

-          at least 3 years of proven experience and track records in planning, designing, BoQs preparation, and supervision of construction/rehabilitation works in Ethiopia.

The consultant should also preferably have a good knowledge and understanding of working conditions in the Gambella region, and most specifically in the refugees’ camps. 

Job Category:
Architecture and Construction
Architecture and Construction
VIS - Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo VIS - Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo

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