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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:


  • Supports all departments at field level by addressing safety and security issues, facilitating training opportunities, and distributing information on all matters related to safety and security;
  • Conducts Security Risk Assessment & supports the Field offices on this area;
  • Collects and critically analyze safety and security information and reports from all field offices and provide advice to the Head of Security;
  • Represents safety and Security department in partner meetings, program management meetings and events and reports on outcome;
  • Coordinate the gathering and flow of security information with other relevant actors;
  • Classifies security information according to its reliability and accuracy;
  • Follows & updates safety & security KPIs;
  • Ensures that regular security meetings are conducted with relevant departments;
  • Undertake security assessments of program areas and potential programme areas as requested & report on findings and design necessary improvements;
  • Supports DSSA in Providing security orientation/briefing for incoming or newly appointed SC staff in Ethiopia;
  • In close collaboration with DSSA; reviews reports, and other technical documentation, to support the needs of all departments/ programs in the areas of safety and security, including summarizing requirements and identifying deliverables for departmental response; coordinates with all departments to ensure uniform application of safety and security policies and practices; coordinates and performs on-site safety and security reviews;
  • Coordinates meetings with the Logistics and Human Resources departments to address the compliance of Safety and Security Essential Standards and to ensure staff safety & security;
  • Performs other duties as assigned. 
Job Requirements:
  • Qualifications and Experience: In order to be successful you will bring/have:

    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Social Science field, preferably project management
    • Specialized training in safety & security management/ Incident management;
    • Two years’ proper project management experience in INGO;
    • Knowledge of project management;
    • Knowledge of computer applications and proven experience
    • Very good conceptual understanding of the job
    • Good understanding of Afar community culture, communication and decision making structures and norms and Local Language is required 
Job Category:
Full time
Full time
Semera, Afar
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