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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

Project HOPE is an international NGO of more than 500 engaged employees and hundreds of volunteers who work in more than 25 countries, responding to the world’s most pressing global health challenges.

Code of Conduct  

It is our shared responsibility and obligation to treat each other with respect, take affirmative steps to prevent matters involving Sexual Exploitation & Abuse and Trafficking in Persons, and to disclose all potential and actual violations of our Code of Conduct, which may include Conflicts of Interest, Fraud, Corruption, Discrimination or

Harassment.  Together we can reinforce a culture of respect, integrity, accountability, and transparency.

 POSITION TITLE: Consultant  



DURATION OF CONTRACT: 7 days (5 days training plus 2 days preparation and report submission)


The Community HIV Care and Treatment (CHCT) activity is a USAID/PEPFAR-funded program that has been implemented in selected community settings of Ethiopia since June 2018. Project HOPE Ethiopia (PHE) was a prime partner and had direct service delivery (DSD) role in the initial three years of implementation. Beginning of fiscal year 2021, its major role was shifted to providing technical assistance (TA) to prime local implementing partners (LIPs) operating in PEPFAR-supported regions.

The goal of CHCT is to accelerate and sustain the HIV/AIDS epidemic control through the delivery of high impact HIV services to achieve the national 95-95-95 treatment targets.

Electronic case management, data collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting are among the essential TA services that Project HOPE provides to over 32 local and international implementing partner organizations. In this regard, PHE has established the unified data system (UDS) to harmonize the case management, data gathering, and reporting procedures of community implementing partners.

In UDS/CommCare, new features are continuously built and integrated to the system. Currently, PHE plans to integrate the geographic information system (GIS) with UDS/CommCare. Developers and IT experts at PHE will activate and upgrade the system to collect GPS coordinates in alignment with the location hierarchy. The CommCare database will be further linked to Power BI for data analyses and visualization of geospatial or spatiotemporal information on interactive GIS maps.


Scope of Work

Project HOPE Ethiopia is looking to recruit a consultant or private company to train and equip its M&E/Digital Health (DH) staff with basic skills of GIS data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization using the ARC GIS software. In this assignment, the consultant is expected to focus on the application of GIS on community-based HIV prevention, care, and treatment (CHCT) activities. The consultant will develop a training curriculum and practical sessions based on the local database of the CHCT activities. Integration of GIS with mobile device-based electronic case management or data gathering platforms, such as CommCare, and with data visualization software, such as Power BI, is part of the consultancy work.

The consultant must develop resource materials (workbook, slide deck, software, datasets, exercises, etc...) for presentations and practical sessions. Additionally, the consultant will guide the exercises on various GIS data analytic approaches using the ARC GIS software.

The consultant shall communicate with the MERL Director or Digital Health Advisor to identify topics of interest and the exercises. Identifying topics and practical sessions will be crucial to deliver the training effectively. In addition, the consultant must respond to comments of peer reviews and collaborate with the M&E/Digital Health staff of Project HOPE Ethiopia.

 Objectives of the GIS training

  • To improve the knowledge and skills of M&E/DH staff on GIS data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization.

 Specific Objectives

  • Understand the basic concepts about GIS and familiarize the M&E/DH staff with ARC GIS software.
  • Enhance practical skills on GIS data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization.
  • Integrate GIS with CommCare and Power BI software for visualization of key performance indicators across CHCT-supported geographic areas.
  • Promote GIS data use for service mapping, performance review, and track health outcomes.

Expected Outputs and Deliverables


Due Dates

Review & Approval Required

1. Training curriculum

One-week prior training

Should be submitted for review and approval by the MERL Director

2. Training Workbook/Handbook

One-week prior training

Should be submitted for review and approval by the MERL Director

3. PPT Slide Deck in a USB flash drive

One-week prior training

Should be submitted for review and approval by the MERL Director

4. Exercises/Practical Sessions using ARC GIS based on local dataset of CHCT

One-week prior training

Should be submitted for review and approval by the MERL Director

5. Exercises on GPS hand-held receivers

2nd day of training


6. Certificate & Report Submission

Last day of the training

Should be submitted for review and approval by the MERL Director

Duration of the Assignment:

  • This is 5-days training, exact date To Be Determined. Additional 2 days may be considered for preparation and report submission.

Place/Venue of Training:

  • The training will be held at Project HOPE Ethiopia office based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • The consultant is expected to provide this training onsite.

Training Participants

  • The training will be provided to 10 Project HOPE M&E and Digital Health staff and 5 more participants from Local Implementing Partners (LIPs).
Job Requirements:

Qualification of the Successful Individual Consultant/or Private Company


  • Lead consultant should have a Minimum of Masters degree in related discipline including Public Health, Epidemiology, Statistics, Health/Biomedical sciences, Monitoring and Evaluation, Computer Engineering, …

Work Experience:

  • Practical experience on GIS data management including its application on public health interventions.
  • Application of GIS to strengthen and support routine M&E activities and community HIV prevention, care and treatment.

Key competencies:

  • GIS data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization using the ARC GIS software.
  • Experience on mobile-device applications, such as CommCare.
  • Practical skills and experience on data visualization using Power BI, Tableau, and other software.
  • Working knowledge of DHIS-2.

Language requirements:

  • Expert knowledge of English is required. Knowledge of local official language would be considered an asset, but not required.
Job Category:
Consultancy and Training
Consultancy and Training
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Project HOPE The poeple to people health foundation Inc. Project HOPE The poeple to people health foundation Inc.

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