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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Expired 1 month ago!

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Job Description:

Introduction to:


Triggerise is a growing non-profit social enterprise that builds scalable solutions, using mobile technologies, to deliver resources to underserved communities where traditional aid fails to address the changing needs of fragile markets.Our digital platform, Tiko, connects users to health facilities and local small businesses—giving them both the power to access health information and wellbeing services on their own terms. Triggerise has primarily been supporting young women’s access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and products through it’s motivation platform and ecosystem (Tiko).

Ethiopia is our second largest ecosystem and is in need of stock imagery to support the activities that we will be relaunching on the ground. In the market we currently run two programs, firstly that of sexual and reproductive health and secondly of access to job skills trainings 

The Tiko platform:

Our membership platform, Tiko, connects members to a range of health and wellbeing offers for them to explore on their own terms. It is accessible to anyone with a mobile device through social media platforms, SMS,Whatsapp or Telegram or membership cards if one hasn’t access to a device.

Tiko is also a motivational platform that encourages its members to adopt positive behaviours using periodic behavioural “nudges” driving them to make good choices. For example, people fail to follow through on many types of important intentions; in order to address and attempt to close the intention-action gap regarding a health service, Tiko platform would send a personalised “planning prompt” to a user due for a clinic appointment soon.

We close this motivation loop with rewards which we call “Tiko Miles” , a reward which acts as a digital currency that users redeem at a local shop or kiosk for essential goods. As they maintain their behaviour, the rewards continue to accumulate. Think of Vitality points ,but for the bottom of the consumer pyramid. 

Job Requirements:

What we are looking for from you:


Professional Videographer to create Testimonials and Success stories from all actors in the Tiko ecosystem which Triggerise has rights to use in perpetuity. These contents will be used on, social media, websites, as well as in publications made by Triggerise in the academic and donor arena. Triggerise will have full and sole ownership and distribution rights.

Talent Profile:

Beneficiaries: Our Target audience is young Ethiopian women aged between 15-19 for our SRH programmes. The talent should clearly be within this age range (bulls-eye 18-20) for the purposes of relatability to our target audience .

Actors in the Tiko ecosystem:

  • Health care service providers: private clinics and youth centers 
  • Retailers and wholesalers: shop owners 
  • Mobilisers: women from the community the mobilize and enrol benefciries in the Tiko platform.

Triggerise will:

  • Coordinate the actors and venues that will participate in the testimonials 
  • The raw footage as well as the altered and final version must be submitted to Triggerise in a suitable format.
  • Provide logo and brand guidelines
  • Will provide script and direction

The Videographer will:

  • Provide a storyboard 
  • Handle Talent/cast auditioning for talents that that will be featured and will provide the voice over

The Videoshoot sessions should Idealy take place in the ecosystem and or a setting / location that resembles the Tiko ecosystem: 

  • Once awared the contract, we will arrange a tour of our eco system for better understanding of Triggerises’s work. Also during the eco system visit the awarded vendor will take on the responsibilty of choosing a location for the shoot and Identify cast to featured. 
  • The scope may be revised in discussion with the awarded Videographer/editor.

Please provide a portfolio of your work to date as well as female cast options for the shoot, Link below for more.


Job Category:
Creative Arts
Creative Arts
Triggerise Ethiopia Triggerise Ethiopia

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