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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

Oxford Policy Management

Oxford Policy Management Limited (OPM) is one of the world’s leading international policy development and management consultancies. We enable strategic decision-makers in the public and private sector to identify and implement sustainable solutions for reducing social and economic disadvantage in low- and middle-income countries.

We seek to bring about lasting positive change using analytical and practical policy expertise.

Building Resilience in Ethiopia (BRE) Programme

This programme will support ‘the Government of Ethiopia in leading and delivering an effective, more self-financed and accountable response to climate and humanitarian shocks’. The programme will also play a key role in better monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian delivery in Ethiopia, particularly under the broader BRE programme.

The Role

We are now seeking to recruit a dynamic and interactive drivers to be based full time in Addis Ababa, with frequent travel to the fields. They will work under supervision of the BRE Office Administrator. The drivers are responsible for  assuring fulfillment of the needs for transportation.

Basic Function of the Position

The employee serves as a Driver of the OPM - BRE Office with responsibility Major Duties and Responsibilities

- Carries out driving duties as instructed by the Office Administrator or the person designated as substitute. No service vehicle will be driven unless authorized by the supervising personnel. Unauthorized persons should never be taken into OPM’s vehicle.

- Serve as driver for OPM-BRE employees to drive an assigned vehicle(s) to destinations within    and outside of Addis Ababa. Trip destinations include: training events, workshops, Ministry Offices that OPM-BRE  works with; and partner, governmental, NGO, international and other offices with which OPM-BRE interacts.

- Ensure the safety of all passengers in the car by ensuring that passengers and driver wear seat belts. The driver observes all traffic rules, does not speed and ensures the safety of the surrounding areas.

- On continual basis check and survey to ensure that roads and destinations planned for assigned passengers are free of any crime occurrences such as pick pocketing, purse snatching, or robbery.

- Checks weekly vehicle schedule for the office (missions, transport needs), prepares necessary plans / arrangements and reports on changes.

- Maintains the relevant forms (Vehicle Ledger and Vehicle Fuel Forms) assigned to each of the OPM’s vehicles and to submit them to the Office Administrator at the end of each month.

- Carries mobile phone at all times, switched on and charged.

- Ensures that the vehicle(s) allocated are checked on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) concerning fuel, water, oil and other fluids, Tyre pressure and any damage/ repair requirements (which are to be reported to Administration for action).

- Suggests and reports on appropriate services or repairs.

- Ensures that all equipment and accessories are in good order.

- Ensures that allocated vehicles are kept clean and the interiors tidy.

- The driver is responsible for all loading and unloading of goods into the vehicle and ensures their security and condition while in the vehicle.

- Reports any accident or driving incident, even minor, to the Office administrator as quickly as possible and completes necessary reports.

- Obeys all road traffic regulations, including the wearing of seat belts. The driver must ensure that he is in possession of a driving license when on driving duties. The payment of speeding, parking and other road traffic offence fines is the driver's responsibility. The driver should note that when driving he is personally responsible for an accident, a sanction could be imposed.

- Assists the OPM office with clerical/administrative duties as required; however driving duties or tasks take priority.

- Carries out any delivery or collection duties as may be necessary (letters, cheques, visas, minor procurements, etc…).

- Supervises minor maintenance jobs carried out at the office by external parties (electricians, painters, plumbers).

- The driver should make sure that fulfilment of  tasks is carried out with full care preserving the confidentiality of all matters related to OPM operations.

- Maintain daily log of all trips taken and obtain signature of all passengers.

- Ensure that basic tool kits are available in the vehicle.

- Ensure that the first aid kit is well equipped and easily accessible for use.

- Ensure that assigned vehicle is in good condition at all times, Maintain vehicle in clean and serviceable condition and perform minor maintenance of a preventive nature. Ensure that the vehicle is ready and fit before all trips outside of Addis Ababa.

- Provide basic care of assigned vehicle including conducting frequent checks of oil and lubricant levels, maintaining appropriate levels of each. Ensure vehicles have adequate fuel levels. Report all major needs for maintenance of the driver supervisor for immediate action.

- Ensure that insurance registration and annual inspection of all OPM-BRE vehicles is valid. Maintain copies of vehicle logbooks and insurance documents, ensuring that the renewal of insurance and annual inspection for vehicle is carried out in timely manner.

- Responsible to keep assigned vehicle clean, orderly and serviceable condition at all times; perform minor preventive maintenance; follow up with maintenance requirements of assigned vehicle.

- Responsible for preparing monthly activity, fuel consumption & expenditure report and presenting these to supervisor every month.

- Comply with security practices and procedures as pertains to OPM-BRE security plans.

- Provide logistical assistance like pro-forma collection and distribution of RFQ to vendors. 

- Work with a flexible schedule and cover all departures/locations. 

- Ensure Safety and Security Concerns and incidents are reported timely to the Office Administrator & Administration Manager

- Responsible to have all relevant and up-to date vehicle documentations on hand while assigned for work

- Assist in the settlement of monthly utilities or any associated office payments

- Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor. 

 Position Elements

·         Supervision Received: Daily supervision by the Office Administrator or person as substitute. Must be a self-starter and able to set priorities in working schedule.

·         Available Guidelines: Basic guidelines include Administrative and Financial Field Manual, correspondence, manuals, etc. there are also a variety of unwritten policies, precedents and practices.

·         Exercise of Judgment: Initiative and independent judgment is required by the employee in determining what needs to be done and the best working methods.

·         Intensive co-ordination with the various relevant partners and service providers whenever, essential.

·         Noted overtime: Only if accumulated on weekend and/or official holiday and subject to approval of the Office.

Job Requirements:

Job Requirements


·         Completion of Secondary school/Diploma in Auto mechanics/ Automotive Technology  is preferable

·         Possession of a minimum of a valid Grade 3 license

·          At least three years of experience as Driver, preferably in INGO environment.

Job Category:
Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain
Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain
Full time
Full time
Addis Ababa with frequent travel to the fields, Addis Ababa
Oxford Policy Management (OPM) Oxford Policy Management (OPM)

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