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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:


The Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) is an Ethiopian non-governmental, non-religious, non-profit development organization established in 2005. ECDD works collaboratively with other organizations to promote, facilitate, and build organizational capacity for “Disability Inclusive Development” in Ethiopia – the inclusion of disability issues and persons with disabilities and their families in mainstream government service delivery and development organization programs. ECDD was re-registered on 17 May 2019 as a local CSO, Registration № 0321, with the Civil Society Organizations Agency under the Organizations of Civil Societies Proclamation № 1113/2019. ECDD envisions an inclusive Ethiopia, where children, youth, and adults with disabilities, regardless of gender or kind of disability, as well as their parents and families, enjoy the same rights and have access to the same health, educational and social services, training, and work opportunities enjoyed by other citizens.

Currently, with the support of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM), ECDD has started the implementation of a 4-year project called: “Advancing Disability Voice, Rights Advocacy and National Coordination in Ethiopia (ADVANCE)”.  
Job Requirements:

To this end, ECDD would like to hire a consultant with the required qualification, expertise, and experience to develop a Disability Inclusion Strategy for the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission.


                                        i.         About the Assignment

One of the five key result areas of the five years Strategic Plan (2021-2025) of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is to enhance the independence, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of EHRC as an institution fit for its mission and mandate. To this end, the Strategic Plan identifies leadership and staff capacity building as one of the strategic interventions to achieve this key result area. It has been widely recognized that there is a need for an effective guiding strategy for the inclusion of persons with disabilities. Such a guiding strategy will allow for the effective mainstreaming of issues of persons with disabilities over the thematic and functional working departments of EHRC. It is, therefore, imperative that disability inclusion be mainstreamed systematically into the work of EHRC.

§  The Objective of the Assignment:

To develop the EHRC disability-inclusive strategy that fits the purpose to ensure disability inclusion throughout all pillars of the EHRC work.

                                      ii.         Tasks

The Consultant under the supervision of the Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) and Department of Disability Rights and the Rights of Older Persons under EHRC, will perform the following activities:

ü  Assess, review and identify the level of the human rights approach to disability reflected in all the commission’s policies, laws/directives, strategic plans, programs, manuals/guidelines, employment, and human resource policies, communications, practices, and reports.

ü  Review literature on disability inclusion and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and other countries’ experiences,

ü  Compare the existing policies, strategies, manuals, plans, reports, and other relevant documents against the CRPD and principles of inclusion,

ü  Develop a disability inclusion strategy, informed by an extensive organizational review, which includes system-wide policy, an accountability framework, and other implementation modalities.

ü  Deliver the draft strategy to ECDD and EHRC,

ü  Receive feedback from ECDD and EHRC,

ü  Ensure alignment of the disability inclusion strategy with EHRC’s mandate and overall strategic directions of the Commission as well as the Department of Disability Rights and the Rights of Older Persons

ü  Submit the final version of the disability-inclusive strategy in English both in Hard and soft copies. and

ü  Present the strategy to relevant stakeholders for validation.

                                    iii.         Deliverables

The Consultant shall produce the following deliverables:

§  Inception report outlining the methodology and timeline to conduct the assignment;

§  Draft Disability Inclusive Strategy and submit it for comments 

§  Collect comments and include them properly

§  Present the Disability Inclusive Strategy to relevant stakeholders, duly collect, and incorporate comments in consultation with EHRC and ECDD.

§  Submit the final and cleaned version of the EHRC Disability Inclusive Strategy.

                                    iv.         Timeframe

The consultancy assignment is expected to be completed within a period of one month upon the signing of the contract.

                                      v.         Requirements

Qualification and Experience

The service requires both professional competencies and extensive relevant work experience as a consultant or consulting firm on disability rights and inclusion issues. These are generic requirements but each of the thematic areas requires specific qualifications and experiences.

  • Key personnel should have a minimum of an LLM degree, in Human Rights studies including international laws, public international law, or other related fields;
  • Minimum of 8 years of working experience as a consultant/consulting firm with various government, and non-government organizations. Working in CSOs/international organizations is an added value
  • A professional license with TIN and renewed VAT registration certificate,
  • A sample of previous work with testimonies including recommendations, and letters of acknowledgment for the participation of similar assignments

·       Renewed work license,

Mode of Payment:

The professional fee for the service will be made in three phases; the first phase of the payment will be 30%of the agreed amount upon the signing of the agreement in the second phase 30% upon the submission of the draft strategy and the third payment 40% of the agreed amount shall be made after the completion and approval of the work.

Technical proposal will be weighed out of 70% and the financial proposal will be given 30% weight.  

Job Category:
Consultancy and TrainingDevelopment and Project Management
Consultancy and Training, Development and Project Management
Addis Ababa
Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD)

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