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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

Purpose of the Job

To enhance customer satisfaction by serving them with due care and maximum efficiency and promote the Branch’s resource mobilization effort by cross selling the Bank’s products, attending to customers and providing efficient and quality service to customers.

Main Duties and responsibilities

·   Pays cash to all types of transactions within his/her limit

·   Attend customers at the counter properly and with due respect

·   Process customers’ account opening and perform cross-selling activities of banks products

·   Scan customers’ and authorized staff’s signatures and photograph

·   Receive cash from all types of transactions within the branch

·   Post all types of business transactions

·   Prepare cash and non-cash tickets/instrument

·   Process clearance of negotiable instrument

·   Collect and deliver cash from and to the ‘Till’ Administrator.

·   Receive and pay cash from customers after proper identification, verification and posting transactions.

·   Perform account opening and closing, Standing orders, Amendments, refunds, and Revokes.

·   Prepare and issue cheque books and passbooks and provide bank statements for customers at request.

·   Check and countersign vouchers, process standing instructions, and accept stop payment orders from

·   Customers and obtain supervisor approval.

·   Send outward cheques to Head Office and perform special (RTGS) and bulk cheque clearance activities.

·   Assist customers at the counter in filling out forms, opening new accounts, transferring forms, and collecting payments.

·   Exchange notes and coins for customers, and sort, arrange and wrap notes by denominations in bundles of hundreds.

·   Sort daily tickets, take run-ups to check against summary total, check and balance physical cash with the Branch Till Administrator, and journalize daily transactions.

·   Collect and validate Original Payment Instruments against the System, collect a deposit of cheques and other financial instruments, and prepare and issue Payment Instruments.

·   Determine charges for services requested, collect deposits or payments, or arrange for billing.

·   Identify and review accounts to be closed, receive a request to close the account and follow steps within the system prompts to close the account and bring it to a zero balance to get the account flagged as closed.

·   Receive customer complaints or inquiries, resolve the issue within one’s scope of authority or answer queries, and refer unresolved customer grievances to the Customer Service Supervisor for further investigation.

·   Educate customers about the Bank’s products whenever opportunities allow for this and without damaging service delivery performance.

·   Record potential sales lead and refer or route them to an account manager/relationship manager.

·   Perform other duties assigned by the immediate supervisor

Job Requirements:

Qualifications and experience:

·         BA Degree in Economics, Accounting and Finance, Banking and Finance, Management, or any other related fields.

·         Minimum of 2 years' experience in Branch banking

Competencies (Knowledge, skills and abilities)

 Ability to work in a team

Ability to manage work (self-reliant)

Strong personal commitment to learning the particular skill

Good interpersonal & good communication skills

Responsiveness to change

Acting with integrity

Flexible and adapt to new business needs

Demonstrative commitment to the Shabelle Bank Mission, Vision and Values

Comply with the Banks’ Code of Conduct

Knowledge of basic Computer applications

Knowledge of bank accounting and CATS procedures

Job Category:
Accounting and FinanceBanking and Insurance
Accounting and Finance, Banking and Insurance
Full time
Full time
Kabridahar,Tog-wajale,Dagahbur, Hargele, Jarati,Awbare,Hartasheik, Sheykosh, Erer,Dolo-ado,Filtu,Kalafo,Moyale,Lafaise,Barey,Bolmayo,Danot,Daror,Dobaweyn,Duhun,Elewayne,Gashamo,Marsin, Salahad, Hamaro & Warder, Somali
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