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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

FH Ethiopia is a non-governmental organization engaged in relief and development activities. At FH, we operate under a set of guiding principles we call the “The Heartbeat”. This includes our Values, Vision and Purpose, which serve as the explanation of who we are and how we work as organization. Together we follow God’s call responding to human suffering and graduating communities from extreme poverty. FH Ethiopia would like to invite potential candidates to apply for the mentioned position:

Position:                       E-Payment Officer  (Temporary)

Duty Station:                Lay Gayint and Ziquala (South Gondar and Wag-himra Zones)

Duration of Contract: Temporary contract (two months)

Closing date:                November 30, 2022 


The E-Payment Officer is responsible to coordinate and monitor cash project activities and maintain relationship with partners and other project stakeholders to assist the cash program activities. Your project coordination skills and knowledge of the program area will ensure that the Cash Program delivers high-quality programming and continuously works towards improving the impact of this project. Ensure to provide technical support for area programs found under their supervisory zone, for carrying out all aspects of JEOP cash program activities that focus on project participants targeting, registration, data cleaning, cash distribution, monitoring, and reporting the progress.  

Principal Responsibilities

Key Result #1 –Documentation

1.     Work closely with FHE implementing partners to ensure beneficiary registration and selection is conducted in line with agreed processes, and with close coordination of local authorities.

2.     Ensure appropriate records of beneficiary registration, information and assistance received are kept, with good data protection practices in mind.

3.     Oversee the timely submission of payment sheet, and distribution schedule for FSP and supervise the cash distribution

4.     Collect project participants' registration schedules from all projects and monitor the achievement

Key Result #2 – Cash Program activity implementation

5.     Ensure recipients of cash assistance are informed in a timely manner of how and when they will receive assistance, and that project objectives are clear to local stakeholders.

6.     Oversee the timely distribution of cash assistance to targeted beneficiaries, including timely preparation and approval of recipient payment lists.

7.     Work closely with the finance team to obtain timely financial records of cash distributions and accurate payment of any service provider fees.

8.     Ensure timely follow up for recipients who do not collect or withdraw cash assistance and address any challenges

9.     Maintain an up to date detailed implementation plan and follow up on implementation status regularly with CRS’ implementing partner

10.   Support the relevant FHE staff to liaise with the service provider/s to ensure timely delivery of assistance, and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

11.   Ensure accountability, gender equity, and protection principles are mainstreamed in all steps of the project cycle.

12.   Identify protection issues, challenges in implementation, and advocate for appropriate responses.

13.   oversee the Preparation of detailed implementation, procurement, and spending plan on JEOP cash activities;

Key Result # 3- Capacity Building and coaching

14.   Aware of the communities, government partners, and local stakeholders on cash response objectives, targeting criteria, duration, modality, and transfer value.

15.   Capacitate the area program staff on financial literacy training to cascade for multipurpose cash beneficiaries.

16.   Provide pre-distribution orientation to FSP on modality and distribution procedure to meet the delivery of the required service to the beneficiary as per the agreed and signed MoU.

Key Result # 4- Monitoring, accountability Evaluation and learning

17.   Ensure that narratives progress reporting is delivered within the agreed due date and template

18.   Oversee the timely submission of cash distribution documents, to FHE Addis, after each distribution round;

19.   Oversee and facilitate the timely liquidation of financial documents/distribution payment sheet as per the agreed due date with the required supportive documents (MBL, copy of passbook, and others)

20.   Plan and conduct PDM survey in collaboration with FHE MEL staff based at Addis after distribution will be conducted

21.   Organize review meeting/after-action review on the JEOP cash program with partners at Woreda and zonal level to discuss post-distribution;

22.   Carry out regular data analysis and review of project data collected through onsite and post-activity monitoring, price data collection, and accountability feedback systems


Job Requirements:

Job Level Specifications

● Full agreement with FH’s Christian foundation and beliefs as expressed in The Heartbeat: our Values, Vision, and Purpose.

● Strong Interpersonal skills,

● Emotional maturity,

● Cross-cultural Sensitivity,

●  Ability to work effectively under pressure


⮚ 3 year related experience in the field of Emergency Relief program.


⮚ BA degree with the field of Accounting, Marketing and related fields

Supervisory Responsibility

⮚The position has no Supervisory Responsibility.


⮚ Proficiency in spoken and written English and the country’s local language (s)

Safeguarding Policy

FH strives to provide an environment free from sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment in all places where relief and development programs are implemented. FH holds a zero-tolerance policy against sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment. FH expects its employees to maintain high ethical standards, protect organizational integrity and reputation, and ensure that FH work is carried out in honest and fair methods, in alignment with the FH Heartbeat and safeguarding and associated policies. Violations to stated policies will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination of employment.

Safety & Security Responsibilities

    ⮚       Be aware of the stereotypes about women’s and men’s capacities, and discuss how they influence staff, in assigning responsibility, and in managing resources at unit and organization level.

    ⮚       Be able to describe how gender issues relate to one’s job responsibilities and how gender equity can be promoted through the execution of those responsibilities.

    ⮚       Be familiar with the local Gender Focal Point(s), and go to her/him to learn more about gender issues, or when there is a gender grievance or harassment issue to resolve

    ⮚       Within each project and department, discuss FH’s Gender & Diversity and Sexual Harassment and sexual exploitation Policies, so that all staff are conversant with them.

    ⮚       Refrain from any comments or gestures that indicate prejudicial views of female staff, especially female supervisors.

    In each Project and Head Office, ask women staff what changes would make it more “gender-friendly”, organization  and implement the recommendations

    Gender Responsibilities

    ⮚ Each FHE staff member should adhere to all pertinent policies concerning safety and security policy of FH. Lapses in safe conduct can jeopardize the health and welfare of all staff.

    ⮚  Every FHE staff member has an obligation to learn and understand the security situation where they are located. 

    ⮚  Each FHE staff member should adhere to all pertinent policies concerning safety and security.  This includes, but not limited to, personal safety, road safety, etc.

    ⮚  He/she has a responsibility to become familiar to social, cultural and other associated features of their duty stations;

    ⮚  Abstains from inappropriate or offensive behavior that can put FHE in a difficult position, impair operations, and jeopardize the health and welfare of all staff of FHE.

    ⮚ All FHE staff should promotes safe conducts and exercises caution in all work activities; staff should accountable for own personal and professional actions and conduct;

    Job Category:
    Development and Project ManagementInformation Technology
    Development and Project Management, Information Technology
    Full time
    Full time
    Lay Gayint and Ziquala, Amhara
    FH Ethiopia FH Ethiopia

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