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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

Vacancy Number: VA_015_FY23

The Carter Center is a not-for-profit international NGO committed to waging peace, fighting disease and building hope worldwide. The Carter Center - Ethiopia, which assists the Government of Ethiopia in Disease Elimination and Eradication Programs is looking for a qualified professional to fill the following vacant post for its Guinea Worm Eradication Project.

Summary Job Description:  

  • The Level I TCC-Assisted GWEP M&E Officer is responsible for developing, overseeing, organizing, storing, and analyzing data and data systems for the Level I areas. The officer ensures that all of this is always done with the utmost security and confidentiality and in a timely manner. Using high-level skills in analytics, mathematics, and statistics, a data manager will draw conclusions according to the data, and report findings to upper management for use in various capacities throughout the organization.

Detail Responsibilities:

  • Ensure compliance with all EDEP data standards and procedures.
  • Design EDEP data collection forms on NEMO for all the level I areas
  • Develop, update and maintain a PowerBI dashboard for team use and share for the level I areas
  • Develop techniques that allow for the collection of accurate data for Level I areas.
  • Implement procedures related to the secure and efficient handling and sharing of data.
  • Analyze and interpret EDEP programmatic data.
  • Identify patterns, relationships, and problems in data and statistical sets.
  • Design computer code for improving software and applications.
  • Evaluate the performance of data systems and seek ways to enhance them.
  • Determine limitations in data reliability and usability and liaison with the Program Manager in resolving the limitations.
  • Extract pertinent data and build detailed reports for EDEP program management.
  • Ensure security from data loss, security breach, and hacking from the data collection and Data Store Points.
  • Troubleshoot and authorize the maintenance of data-related problems.
  • Responsible for compiling a Monthly provisional Database
  • Responsible for any data queries and Data management activities with in the EDEP Program unit.
  • Measure the performance of the Data Encoders, and capacitate their skills and Knowledge
  • Support team members in their day-to-day duties.
  • Supervise and support the activities of the data encoders at each TCC Woreda Office.

Required Number:  1 (One)

Terms of Employment: One year contract with a possibility of extension.

Job Requirements:

Qualification and Experience: 

  • BSc degree in Statistics, Monitoring & Evaluation, Health Informatics and/or Public health from a recognized university
  • Minimum of five years relevant experience preferably in Monitoring & Evaluation of health programs.

Additional Requirements:

  • Reasonably good experience in M & E
  • Able to speak local language of the area is highly advantageous   
  • Willingness to travel and work in remote rural areas during field work
  • Excellent computer skills, especially in data management
  • Recommendation letter from the most recent employer
  • Able to present release letter from current employer in two weeks after job offer
Job Category:
Health CareResearch and Development
Health Care, Research and Development
Full time
Full time
Abobo Town, Gambela
The Carter Center - Ethiopia The Carter Center - Ethiopia

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