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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:


This term of reference contains background information, geographic focus, identified value chains, the desired methodology, including objectives, the timeframe, and a list of deliverables of the intended assignment. As well, it contains information about the kind of expertise that Heifer seeks for this activity and guidance on how to submit a proposal to conduct the activity. Heifer anticipates a fixed award for the study and make payments based on submission and Heifer’s approval of deliverables. The award agreement will include a payment schedule with specific deliverables; all payments require 10 business days processing after approval of deliverables.


Institutional Background:

Heifer is an international non-governmental development organization working to end poverty & hunger in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Heifer has been in the development sector for more than 75 years. Heifer used to operate in 60 countries in the world but through time, Heifer came to focus to the most poverty and disaster affected 23 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Positioning small holder farmers at the center, Heifer has been working in a number of areas like, empowering farmers with agricultural development, climate change livelihoods resilience & caring for the earth, food security, strengthening agribusiness value chains and entrepreneurship opportunities, financial inclusion, business incubation, job 2creation, women empowerment, private sector engagement in rural development, etc. to close the living income gaps  of small holder farmers, youth & women which are Heifer’s priority targets. Heifer is currently operating in 11 countries in Africa.

HPI started operation in Ethiopia in 2004 partnering with international and local partners in the areas of agricultural projects including livelihoods improvement – vegetable production, dairy and livestock feed in SNNPR (Wolayita area) and since last year Heifer has been collaborating in agricultural development with partners.

The Task Background:

Currently HPI Ethiopia is rendering a Technical Assistance Service to the “Lowlands Livelihoods Resilience Project (LLRP)”as contracted by IFAD starting April 2021 for two years. The contract is a consultancy assignment given to Heifer Project International (HPI) Ethiopia by the donors: IFAD and the World Bank Group. The goal of the assignment is “to enable the development of viable commercial production systems for small-scale Pastoralists and Agro-pastoralists in the LLRP project area”, while LLRP is a flagship investment project implemented by the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) and co-financed by the World Bank (WB) and IFAD with the objective of improving livelihood resilience of pastoral and agropastoral communities in Ethiopia. The implementation of LLRP commenced since 2019 and the Technical Assistance service by HPI stared in April 2021.

As depicted in the IFAD ToR for the TA service,  the key challenges and constraints to animal health include: (i) dominance of public sector support in animal health clinics, providing free services, which significantly challenges the existence of private drug dealers particularly during emergency situations when the government increase the provision of free animal drugs and vaccines; (ii) inadequate animal drugs and vaccines storage capacity and knowledge; (iii) absence of networks of animal health services and/or PPPP arrangements aimed at ensuring access to veterinary products; and (iv) limited capacity of Community Animal Health Workers to provide basic veterinary services at community level in an economically viable and sustainable manner. Hence, it is very rational to understand the nature and magnitude of the above problems in project areas before suggesting/designing any feasible animal health delivery systems and options.

The current assignment on Compendium of improved animal health practices in PAP areas of Ethiopia is designed to make an updated compilation of innovative and problem-solving animal health practices from within Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa and other pastoral areas outside Africa.  

Responsibility of the consultant:

  • The selected consultant is expected to perform the following:
  • Review all relevant secondary sources and any relevant information to the study.
  • Prepare and present an inception report, the report should demonstrate the consultants’ understanding of the assignment and should detail a breakdown of activities, timelines, and methodology/approach to be used
  • Develop all necessary information collection tools and plans and present them to HPI for review and approval before proceeding to use/employ them.
  • Also reviewed deliverables to ensure their completeness and meeting quality standards and expectations before submission.
  • Analyze and interpret data and thereafter prepare a draft analysis report (word document and in excel format) per the deliverables specifications and share with HPI staff for review
  • Discuss any gaps in the draft with HPI Ethiopia staff and come up with ways of filling the gaps if any
  • Prepare final report in word, indicate sources of information, methodology, and incorporating feedback from Heifer International staff. 

You can get full detail of the ToR from the link : ToR_To_Be_Announced_For_Compondium.docx

Job Requirements:

Skill and knowledge base requirements

  • DVM, MSc or PHD in veterinary medicine or related subjects
  • Strong analytical, report writing, and presentation skills.
  • Evidence of success in conducting similar studies
  • Strong qualitative/quantitative research and analytical skills
  • Proven record of excellent management, leadership, decision-making and interpersonal skills
  • Proven strong, clear technical writing and oral presentation skills in English
  • Proven ability to prepare high-quality technical reports on time
Job Category:
Consultancy and TrainingHealth Care
Consultancy and Training, Health Care
Addis Ababa
Heifer International Ethiopia Heifer International Ethiopia

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