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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

Hope Enterprise University College (HEUC) is a higher education institution in Ethiopia, which is housed on five hectares of a beautiful, green and clean campus conductive for teaching-learning process and having student and faculty friendly environment. It is an accredited institution in three graduate programs namely, MBA, MSC in Accounting & Finance and MA in Organizational Leadership. It is also accredited in the following undergraduate programs: Architecture, Accounting and Finance, Management, Marketing Management, Information System, Information Technology and Computer Science. Currently the university college is trying to strengthen its academic leadership by the way of recruiting the right candidate who is befitting for the position of Cashier, accordingly, any interested professional who can meet the following criteria can apply for the position. 

List of duties:

  • Ensure the timely cash collection from students such as tuition fees, registration fees, and penalties and other source of income within the organization. Based on the HEUC service price lists and issues the appropriate and necessary cash collection receipts, and fee settlement clearance.
  • Responsible for day to day cash collection from other customers of HEUC and issuance of appropriate cash collection receipts to them. 
  • Handling petty cash fund, prepare petty cash payment vouchers (PCPV), and effect petty cash payments upon authorization of Finance Head/VPAF, and also handle other cash payments that has to be made in cash.
  • Prepare petty cash replenishment and request and replenished the petty cash whenever the amount of petty cash fund reached at a minimum amount level, and at the end of each fiscal/budget year.
  • Managing petty cash, including matching, clearing transactions, and reconciliation
  • Assist Accountants with provision of information to internal /external auditors.
  • Document every cash collection receipt together with appropriate supporting documents and handed over to the accountant/senior accountant/to the finance section.
  • Handling the cash register machine and the systems related with according the tax laws, regulations, and to the tax authority directives and adhere the laws related with the cash collection law and regulation and directives.
  • Handling all cash register related documents properly and ensure those documents are placed at the proper place as required by the law and directives, and ensure the cash register machine’s annual maintenance and inspection carry on according to the tax authority directives.
  • Produce weekly, monthly, and quarterly collection follow up reports and submit to the finance head and to VPAF.
  • Assist the accountant in posting payment and collection documents to the system.
  • Support the income reconciliation process by extracting relevant reports.
  • Any other duties requested by Finance Head & VPAF.

Accountable to: Finance Head

Job Requirements:


  • BA/Diploma in Accounting and Finance COC certified
  • 0 years for BA and at least 3 years of experience for Diploma in university or college


  • Microsoft excel and Microsoft word required
  • Communication skill
  • Customer handling
  • Finance report preparation 
Job Category:
Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance
Addis Ababa
Hope Enterprise’s University College Hope Enterprise’s University College

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