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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

 The international procurement manager is also called the global purchasing administrator or the international purchasing manager. He looks for superior business commodities and trade products and tools that are possible to procure at the lowest prices for the organization he works in. He assesses the providers and sellers depending on factors like prices, caliber, provisions, accessibility, durability and choices and purchases products and services from them, as and when needed.

The international procurement manager also studies and analyzes the printed and documented books, commerce printings, issues and reference documentations to figure out the right providers. He analyzes and examines the commodities, tools and services, assesses the manufacturing and dispersion capabilities and takes all other facets of the international organization into account that impact the decisions with regard to procurement.

He has the following mentioned key responsibilities and duties:


  • Upholding information with respect to the international organization's purchasing or procurement strategies, programs and events on a regular basis
  • Collaborating with the contributing organizations and vendors, clearing all the queries on the support of documents and providing the documents at the right time
  • Formulating different purchasing strategies and programs with the contenders and sellers who formulate functional documents as per the active and existing merchandising and selling strategies
  • Upholding the documented procurement books, files and reports for the providers and preserving the documented records of all the vital and key dates
  • Attending the summoning and purchasing methodical activities and assessing them
  • Formulating functional procurement records and documents to make sure that they agree with the judicial needs
  • Formulating information for the legal sellers and assessing the work operations of the staff
  • Enforcing the commodities, goods and tools of the organization, functionally and smartly, based on the procurement data available
  • Upholding friendly bonds with the vendors and various sections to deliver the commodities, goods and tools as per the needs of the project undertaking
  • Making sure that all the sections within the procurement establishment work effectively and efficiently
  • Interacting with the staff members about various agreement issues, doubts and queries
  • Designing, creating and modifying the agreements for the prospective agents
  • Interacting with the providers, reaching some conclusions and upholding the purchasing plans, standard rules and modulatory regulations of the global procurement organization
  • Estimating and gauging the quality and durability of the commodities, tools and goods and economic and fiscal rates to uphold their superiority
  • Administering, managing, handling and directing the important measures adopted for executing the purchasing methods and procedures
  • Collaborating with the providers and upholding the e-values and superiority of the commodities, goods, tools and services
  • Formulating the transportation plans, strategies, events and programs of the goods and commodities and supervising, directing and overseeing the service activities post sales
  • Formulating and observing the procurement documents on a daily basis, as needed by the business organization
  • Updating himself with the active and present purchasing styles and upholding the purchasing processes as per the policies and modulatory regulations of the business organization
  • Holding accountability for the substance acquisitions and purchases by the international organization
  • Apprehending the requirements of the global company and handling the sellers and providers accordingly
  • Making sure that the acquired goods and products match with the rules and regulations of the company for executing various commodity and goods procurement operations
  • Updating himself with the products and services and investigating the domestic and global providers of the organization in order to decide as to what should be procured
  • Examining and analyzing the products, commodities, goods, tools and services to grasp and get the best business offers
  • Comprehending the kinds of commodities, goods and services that the company requires to procure and acquire
  • Comprehending the application of the goods, services, products, commodities, materials and tools so that they can be used by the company
  • Receiving the orders of petitions and working operations from the procurement staff and subordinates and other company personnel
  • Recognizing potential procurement and buying business possibilities and maintaining agreement with the plans and regulations of the organization

Thus, the international procurement manager responsibilities include maintaining good relations with the sellers and providers to purchase the products and services from them as and when needed, understanding the purchasing requirements of the international company and procuring the products and services at

Job Requirements:

Job Requirements

  • M.BA. Masters /B.A. Degree in logistics and supply chain Management, management, business management, accounting or related business fields with a minimum 5 years’ direct experience in similar position.
  • Thorough knowledge of spoken and written English (MUST)
  • Strong Microsoft office skills (MUST)
  • Strong learning culture and positive attitude
  • Critical thinking, commitment to production
  • Cost Consciousness
  •  Self-initiator with high degree of self-management
Job Category:
Business and AdministrationLogistics, Transport and Supply ChainManagement
Business and Administration, Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain, Management
Addis Ababa
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