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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

Accountabilities and MAIN WORK ACTIVITIES

Procurement Management (10 %)

o   Implement procurement process in accordance of PIE procurement; Follow up and compile the procurement plan from each budget holder.

o   Ensure performance of transparent transactions, purchasing and delivery of goods and services within prior agreed lead times and ensures that all purchases are properly documented.

o   Prepare comparative bid analysis for tender bids, takes minutes and reports outcome for the Tendering Committee;

o   Collect quotations as per the Procurement Guideline and forwards them to the supervisor; reports any difficulties (sourcing, stock outs, unavailability) immediately to the supervisor and consults the requestor when needed;

o   Support in different procurement specific PA wide initiatives as advised by the PA Supply Chain Coordinator

Transportation & Fleet management (30 %)

o   Assign and manage all vehicles and motorbikes in accordance of PIE fleet management policy and in consultation with logistics coordinator.

o   Arrange transportation from suppliers to the office/warehouse, as necessary with the  prior approval of Supply Chain and Admin coordinator;

o   Check and sign each vehicles log-sheet every week, develop history file for each vehicles & motorbikes.

o   Follow maintenance, fuel consumption, and annual inspection and insurance policy renewal of each vehicles and report to PA supply chain and Admin Coordinator

o   Approve and sign weekly/monthly logbook, trip, and fuel records, monitors utilization, maintenance and fuel consumption for all vehicles

o   Maintain a vehicle inventory for the PA and advise about vehicle allocation; carry out a monthly analysis on office and rental vehicles usage for decision making

o   Facilitate timely payment for the rental vehicle service providers

o   Prepare and submit fleet report monthly base to PA Supply Chain Coordinator.


Asset management (15 %)

o   Prepare inventory lists for items at PA level

o   Timely update fixed asset registration according to the organization asset management policy

o   Follow up recording and tagging fixed asset timely

o   Undertake periodic inventory for fixed asset and other consumables item in the store

o   Ensure that storage areas, facilities and equipment meet the minimum requirements and standards.

o   Follow-up on and ensure the proper functioning of office equipment and  telecommunications systems including office telephone, office fax, satellite telephones for all offices in consultation with line manager and ICT Unit

o   Supervise all asset transactions to be carried out in compliance with the store and fixed assets guidelines.

Office Administrative tasks, Payment Handling and Facilitation (30 %)

o   Oversee and supervise office security service handlings efficiently and effectively.

o   Ensure that all compounds are properly guarded and secured, both in terms of staff as well as facilities (fences, gates), takes appropriate corrective action when needed

o   Ensure that the office compound and rooms are cleaned regularly.

o   Ensure that the office electricity , plumbing system is functioning well and report any requests for repair / renovation to the Supply Chain Coordinator

o   Administer office and warehouse lease contracts effectively and efficiently. 

o   Collect budget on time from different projects and charging on SAP in coordination with Supply Chain Coordinator ,budget holders and finance

o   Collecting and charging overhead costs from different grant coordinators for telecom service, utility, office rent fee and other service payments 

o   Ensure the administration related budget is available and well managed for effective and efficient operations  

o   Facilitate security service payment to the contracted service provider timely


Supervisory role (10 %)

o   Supervise drivers, Security Guards and Office attendants

o   Supervise, coach and motivate staff to enhance and manage their performance and development that enables them to perform their maximum capacity by managing their workload (work inventory, planning, monitoring and feedback) as well as by arranging adequate working conditions and input in line with their operational needs

o   Receive, check and authorize weekly and monthly reports Drivers, Security Guards and compiles them into unit-wide regular reports.

Periodic Reporting (5%)

o    Prepare and receive, checks and compile monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and yearly logistical reports ( Asset , Fleet , Procurement , Stock etc )

Leadership and BUSINESS management COMPETENCIES


o   Set high standards for self-behaviour, inside and outside work. Championing our values and commitment to rights, gender equality and safeguarding. Supporting the health, well-being and both physical and psychological safety of our staff, including their safety to speak out.

o   Hold self to account for what we have agreed, dealing with poor performance quickly, firmly and constructively.

o   Create a positive team spirit, helping people work well together, to reflect and continuously improve the efficiency and quality of what we do.

o   Collaborate with team members, colleagues and partners in finding creative solutions to problems by sharing information, experience and ideas and actively seeking their input.

o   Accept change and support others in adjusting to it, helping them understand.


o   Understand relevant sectoral context including how the sector operates in terms of funding and governance and awareness of Plan’s purpose, values, and global strategy

o   Manage legal and reputational risk including risk assessment, communication, risk management and reporting in full compliance with risk-related standards, including in areas such as Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection, Gender equality and inclusion, Counter Fraud, Safety and Security

o   Manage activities and resources including skills in strategic thinking, planning and organizing, financial planning and monitoring, negotiation and programme and project management

Job Requirements:

Job Requirements


o   Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/logistics Management, Purchasing/Supplies Management or related field.

o   At least 3 years of relevant work experience in INGO environment, involving in the administration of both emergency and development programs.

Qualifications/ experience desirable:

o   Substantial experience in Office administration, fleet, Asset  and procurement Management

o   Demonstrable driving qualification and experience

Languages required

o   Fluency in English language is required

Job Category:
Logistics, Transport and Supply ChainWarehouse, Supply Chain and Distribution
Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain, Warehouse, Supply Chain and Distribution
Full time
Full time
Assosa and Metekel, Benishangul Gumuz
Plan International Ethiopia Plan International Ethiopia

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