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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Job Description:

Under the direct supervision of OD & HR manager, the safeguarding and security Manager is responsible for regular update on security and keep posted on safeguarding related tasks of organization. Safeguarding and security Manager will have direct liaison and support from safe guarding advisor from IPPF with the knowledge of his supervisor. Safeguarding and security Manager will play a key role in protecting FGAE staffs, adults in vulnerable situations and children from sexual exploitation, harassment, harm and abuse. This will be instrumental in embedding an organizational culture that is committed to protecting clients from harm and staffs to provide accessing SRH service for community. Safeguarding and security Manager will also complete an annual risk assessment and safeguarding self-audits which maps the internal and external safeguarding risks


Receive, report and support safeguarding incidents and concerns:

  1. Receive safeguarding concerns; assess the information to ascertain if immediate assistance is required.
  2. Report the incident to his/her supervisor and to IPPF via the reporting mechanism when delegated.
  3. Carry out basic fact-finding/fact-checking with oversight from the HR&OD Manager.
  4. Facilitate investigations with the security/Safeguarding Team during investigations
  5. Facilitate meetings and/or panels regarding  security safeguarding incidents and communicate clearly with stakeholders, ensure risk management processes are undertaken, document all actions/decisions
  6. Analyze and review reporting trends and themes in investigations  and when delegated work with safeguarding advisor
  7. Facilitate the mapping and establishment of relationships with local support services and agencies to facilitate the referral of incidents
  8. Ensuring employees and pertinent stakeholder aware and take appropriate actions  based on the Country Safeguarding Strategies

Advocate for and raise awareness of safeguarding

  1. ·Contextualize Safeguarding awareness raising materials to ensure FGAE policies are understood in the Ethiopian context. This will include activities involving local leaders and councils in understanding ‘Safeguarding’ from the community context to strengthen local implementation of FGAE policies.
  2.  Raise awareness of the communities on the behavior they should expect from FGAE staff and partners and how and when to report concerns.
  3. Raise awareness of safeguarding with staff and partners ensuring they understand their role and responsibility in protecting community members;
  4. Facilitate safeguarding workshops and training with communities, staff and partners
  5. Maintain up to date, accurate, confidential records and provide, collate and monitor regular, accurate and timely data on safeguarding and Client and staff protection incidents and outcomes.
  6. Induct new staff ensuring they are socialized into the safeguarding policies and the safeguarding culture of the organization.
  7. Ensure the official Safeguarding Posters and other materials are displayed in all offices and programs
  8. Coordinate field focal points regarding requirements around awareness raising activities and support required

Lead the wider implementation of security & safeguarding policies and procedures 

  1. Facilitate the structural embedding of safeguarding across the associations operations:
  2. Make sure that the Safeguarding Programme is aligned with existing commitments and standards for safeguarding in the humanitarian and development sector and is anchored in the ‘do no harm’ principle.  
  3. Complete an annual country risk profiling exercise – mapping internal and external safeguarding risks.
  4. Lead an annual safeguarding self-audit - assessing how near or far the operation is from fulfilling its safeguarding commitments.
  5. Populate an annual safeguarding action plan. Using the findings of the self-audit to inform the actions in proceeding project period.
  6. Coordinate and work in partnership with other members of program delivery,  ensure safeguarding is built into all aspects of country programs .

Learning & Development

  1. Assist in planning and delivering the security and safeguarding interventions in collaboration with Human Resources department and divisions.
  2. Cooperate with the Program Managers to implement capacity building of the program staffs on safeguarding initiatives and motivate staff,
  3. Works closely with each strategic lead and associated stakeholders to provide support and progresses the project plan;
  4. When need arises and delegated he/she will participates in external safeguarding networks to access resources and share best practice; i.e.  INGO Safeguarding Leads, Peer Safeguarding INGO group; and UN agencies.
  5. Monitors, communicates, and reports on overall progress of the programme from safeguarding point of view and ensuring key stakeholders and senior leaders stay updated and informed. 

Job Requirements:

Educational Back Ground:- Master’s degree /BA degree in developmental studies, law, Human resource management, political Science, Psychology, gender studies, social work  and related field of studies

Related Experience :- 3 years for Masters  and 5 years for BA  after graduation and experience in protection and safeguarding program design and implementation in fragile context settings experience desirable


  • Knowledge on current legislation, statutory and other guidance with regards to safeguarding child and adult protection.
  • Proven experience responding to and managing sensitive protection / safeguarding matters in a confidential manner
  • Experience developing protection and safeguarding resource materials, including guidance, tools, and best practices
  • Experience in providing training to staff on protection and safeguarding
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of organizational Code of Conduct, Child Protection Policy and Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) policy
  • Knowledge of  security & safeguarding investigation process and practice standards
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Excellent knowledge on gender and diversity
  • Fluent spoken and written English.
  • Demonstrable coordination skills and able to build and sustain trust with individuals and teams.
  • A team builder with excellent people skills; culturally sensitive and has the ability and interest to identify and work with a multicultural team.

How To Apply:

Interested applicants should send no-returnable applications with CV and copies of credentials and other supporting documents with in 10 calendar days of this announcement to the following address:

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia

Human Resource and Organizational Development Division

P.O. Box: 5716

Addis Ababa


Apply through ethiojobs.net

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia is an equal opportunity employer and female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

 For more information about the Association, please visit  www.fgaeet.org

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Business and Administration
Business and Administration
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Addis Ababa
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