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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:

·         Identify and develop specific environmental, health and safety,(EHS) guidelines relevant to company business. 

·         Conduct environmental, health and safety audits and prepare reports.

·         Identify key gap areas on technical and management aspects necessary to achieve zero accident status.

·         Develop and execute appropriate interventions for all categories of employees to address gap areas

·         Develop and conduct specialized training to address the identified gaps in the safety system

·         Develop appropriate lead indicators to monitor the effectiveness of interventions to achieve desired outcomes.

·         Ensure the provision of information and instruction on health and safety.

·         Guiding and assisting the safety technician on matters of environment, health and safety.

·         Advise managers on safety and needed actions to achive companies goals with respect to EHS.

·         Carry out methodical and scientific accident investigations to identify root causes and initiate appropriate management plan.

·         Proven track record of stable record in multinational and standardized firms.

·         Work with multiple stake holders in delivering needed electrical and shop floor system design and exectutions.

·         Conduct relevant training moduls for staffs that deals with on board technology.

·         Modern, energetic , self staster display initiative and proposes pragmatic new ideas.

·         Place over all standardized safety management and communication system. 

Job Requirements:

- Post Graduate Degree in Occupational Safety form reputed institutes

- Experience in conducting and training risk assessment, developing safe work procedures, job observation, safety culture, internal audit root cause analysis etc...

- Strong communication skills, both written and spoken English, Amharic, and Knowledge of Oromiffa language is an advantage.

- Good leadership skills, and must be able to spread the science based approach to safety engineering and safety culture across the organization.

- Good learner and willing to innovate and accept new ideas. 

- Should have a personal drive and passion to safety. 

Job Category:
Health CareQuality Assurance
Health Care, Quality Assurance
Full time
Full time
Modjo, Oromia
United Beverages Share Company United Beverages Share Company

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