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Snap Plaza 8th floor, Bole Next to The Millennium hall. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Job Description:
Job Description

Ethiopia has made impressive progress in expanding access to water and sanitation from a very low base. In the 1990s, only 14% of the population had access to water and 3% to sanitation coverage. In 2017, this had increased to 65% and 32% respectively. In 20 years, 45 million people gained access to water. Ethiopia has made rapid progress in reducing open defecation (92% of the population in 1992 to 28% in 2015).

 As a leader and trusted donor in the sector, the UK provided grants to GoE over five years (October 2019 — September 2024), to support sustainable access to climate-resilient clean water and improved sanitation services and good hygiene practices. The program that the UK Government is supporting via the CWA is called “Strengthening Climate Resilient Systems for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services in Ethiopia (SCRS — WaSH)” and is being implemented in 41 priority I woredas in seven (Afar, Amhara, Gambella, Oromia, SNNP, Somali and Tigray) regions of Ethiopia. This program prioritizes the drought-affected and drought-prone areas of Ethiopia through strengthened climate-resilient systems of WaSH delivery whilst supporting sustainable financing systems for WaSH in Ethiopia.

 Specific Tasks
The role of the “Senior Electromechanical Engineer” working under the OWNP is to support and facilitate the effective implementation of particularly the “Climate Resilient Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (CR-WaSH)” program in Ethiopia including facilitating and strengthening communications between the different tiers.  As such, under the CR-WaSH program, the role of the senior electromechanical engineer will be to support the Regional PMU in communicating with Woreda WASH Team and Town Water Utilities and providing them with the directions, information, systems and technical skills. 

 The senior electromechanical engineer will work within the Somali regional water supply and sanitation program management unit (regional PMU  The water supply and sanitation program management unit coordinator would affirm that work plans developed by the senior electromechanical engineer to discharge his/her assigned duties are logically compatible with his/her respective job descriptions and would monitor that the planned services are delivered by the expert in a manner and in line with the objective of the project/program. 

 On the basis of the roles described above, the specific areas of responsibility of the senior electromechanical engineer include, but are not limited to:

 a.    Technical aspects

·         Contribute to the overall technical aspects of the CR-WASH projects, including planning, implementation, follow up and monitoring of the contract effectiveness.

·         Prepare specifications for electromechanical equipment including solar systems, tender evaluation, TOR development, inspection, supervision of installation.

·         Develop, evaluate, improve and implement electromechanical guidelines, design standards, specifications, manuals and standards to facilitate the study and design of urban and rural Electro-Mechanical water supply system.

·         Perform electromechanical feasibility study, detail design, design review, simulation work and prepare BoQs for the intervention CR-WaSH projects.

·         Provide technical support and advice to electromechanical engineers in the intervention regions, zones who are involved in projects study and design; give training, review work, and accordingly take corrective action.

·         Develop and evaluate complex water supply system models using up-to-date electromechanical engineering software.

·         Identify complex and challenging electromechanical system in water supply, analyze designs solutions, coordinate and facilitate ongoing projects to be economical, resource-intensive and sustainable.

·         Conduct regional electromechanical study and design training needs survey for urban and rural water supply systems; based on the needs survey, prepare training manuals, provide ToT, monitor training at all levels and provide support.

·         Prepare designs, work drawings and bill of quantities for electromechanical works in CR-WASH projects including field work and preparing design reports.

·         Ensure the consultants’ and contractors’ electromechanical designs are aligned with national and international standards.

·         Supervise the design review and construction supervision consultants and ensure that designs and supervisions are in line with national and international standards.

·         Carry out cross-checks and selection of technical and financial proposals

·         Review and approve contract documents for the design, supply and installation of electromechanical goods, works and services.

·         Ensure the installation, operation and maintenance of all electromechanical works are complying with national and international standards. Check and ensure the proper operation of all electromechanical works before commissioning.

·         Participate in and provide technical input in tendering, advise in evaluation and award processing of all electromechanical contracts for the project.

·         Review periodic progress reports of electromechanical works, work completion reports, personnel assigned, and length of time needed to complete specific activities, analyze information about the site activities and site reviews.

·         Conduct periodic work site inspections to determine adherence to project objectives, works standards and safety practices; review inspection reports and conduct field inspections to rectify the deficiencies identified and recommend areas requiring performance improvements by contractors.

·         Follow up and supervise the progress of consultants and contractors involved in the electromechanical works to accomplish the projects based on the time schedule and to resolve any ambiguity between them.

·         Appraise electro-mechanical works’ study, design and supervision formats/templates and notify regional WASH staff and national consultants and contractors.

·         Assist and build capacity of regional WaSH electro-mechanical experts on WaSH electromechanical engineering fields (in collecting and analyzing, reviewing and approving variety of electromechanical engineering information), planning specifications, working drawings and bill of quantities.

 b.    Program Planning and Management

·         Support the preparation of regional PMUs annual work plans and budget for the Regional CR-WaSH projects supported by CWA and Government Phase II program.

·         Prepare and consolidate monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports of electromechanical works of CR-WaSH projects.

·         Promote learning between woredas and between towns by sharing information, progress reports and best practices;

·         Support integration of water supply and sanitation interventions and coordinate planning across sectors; 

·         Update data on CR-WaSH physical and financial performance, including a number of user communities and beneficiaries’ vs planned activities considering the integration of sanitation performance.

·         Track allocated, received, utilized and liquidated budgets on a timely manner.

c.    Sector Support

§  Guide, capacitate and support technically the RWB experts through related skill transfer and coaching,

·         Work collaboratively with regional, zonal, woreda and town implementing agencies to ensure they have the necessary skills and trainings to perform their duties;

·         Follow up and assist the woredas/towns on overall program management starting from ToR and RFP preparation, negotiation and agreement up to end of contract implementation and final acceptance of the project including follow up of payment modality and review of payment certificates etc.;

·         Produce or update the necessary technical training materials and manuals (e.g. cost-effective designs, operation and maintenance, etc.) and program management training materials and manuals (e.g. procurement process, contract management, etc.) for use by implementing agencies,

·         Provide technical backup support and training to WWT/Town Water Boards/Utilities (urban) during the early phase of project support (up to the first phase of construction);

·         Assist the region, zones, woredas and towns to identify their program and management gaps and provide/facilitate technical assistance they require.

 Duration of the Assignment: The assignment will be for one year with possibility of extension based on evaluation of performance. Under- or non-performance will result in immediate termination of the contract.
 Expected Deliverables
1.        TA support work plan to be updated quarterly — two weeks after deployment,
2.        Monthly report every 1st week of the month,
3.        Biannual consolidated reports,
4.        End of contract report - upon conclusion of the assignment.

 Payment Terms

 The agreed consultancy fee will be paid in monthly installments, upon presentation of satisfactory reports and good performance.


 The TA will be housed in Somali Region Water Resources Development Bureau and will work within the team of the Water Supply Study, Design and Construction Supervision Directorate and Regional PMU. The specialist will have full responsibility for the CWA and Government supported CR-WaSH project activities in the region and will be supervised by the Regional PMU. 

 The reporting requirements will be as per the deliverables plan indicated above and shall be submitted to the regional PMU and to ABH. ABH will forward each report to WASH section of UNICEF as per the above deliverables plan.
Job Requirements:

·         M.Sc. or above in Electromechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering with 8 years and above of professional experience, or

·         B.Sc. in Electromechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering with 10 years of progressively responsible professional work experience in the WASH sector,

·         Strong experience in study, design construction, assessment, analysis and development of electromechanical manuals and strategies for the sub-sector.

·         Experience with quality assurance and site monitoring for electro mechamical works, including review of change orders, inspection of works, and reporting discrepancies,

·         Professional fluency (writing and oral) in English,

·         Strong communication skills and flexibility working with various stakeholders,

·         Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook)

 General Conditions: Procedures and Logistics

 1.    The consultant will be responsible for identifying and securing their own accommodation.

2.    DSA will be provided by the regional Water and Energy Resources Development Bureau of Somali for travel to the project sites (outside of duty station).

3.    The consultant should have their own laptop with internet capability and Microsoft Office applications.

4.    The regional water and energy resources development bureau will arrange transport services for project supervision field missions to the project sites.

5.    Payments for consultancy works are submitted on a monthly basis with the approval of deliverables and monthly reports based on the rates stipulated in the contract.

Job Category:
EngineeringWater and Sanitation
Engineering, Water and Sanitation
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